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British homeless dog got a role in "Transformers"

The British homeless dog got a role in

18 thousand people came to see this dog in the shelter, but only Ray's family and Jackie Collins from Greater Manchester decided to take him to their place. The dog of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, suffering from epilepsy, was found on the street by a six-week-old puppy.

In the animal shelter near Liverpool, the dog was named Frey, and created a page for her in the social network Facebook. Unfortunately, the dog was not popular because of his illness, so journalists nicknamed him "the most lonely dog ​​in the UK."

Recently Frey became a celebrity for one more occasion - the director of "Transformers" Michael Bay gave her a role in the new fifth film series, which will appear on the screens in 2017. In the officethe director has already been told that Bay is "very happy to hear that Frey will have a new home."