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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Briton flew from England to Australia on a biplane in 1942

Briton flew from England to Australia on a biplane in 1942

< p Aviator from Britain Tracy Curtis-Taylor flew from London to Sydney in a biplane with an open cabin Boeing Stearman, which was produced in 1942.

A total of 55-year-old Briton had to overcome more than 27 thousand kilometers . Its route ran through the Mediterranean, the Arabian desert, India and South-East Asia. According to Curtis-Taylor, her flight was inspired by the similar achievement of the famous Briton Amy Johnson, who became the first woman to fly alone from Britain to Australia in 1930.

Curtis-Taylor flew not alone - she was accompanied two separate aircraft with technicians and a photographer. In total, on the way to the final point of the route, the British had to make 50 landings for refueling and cross the borders of 23 countries.

Curtis-Taylor's first words after landing in Sydney became: "I need to drink and go to the barberheru. " She also thanked everyone who supported her on Twitter during the airtime broadcast, which was conducted at her official account .

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