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Bolide "Formula 1" could not push the rugby team

The Formula One car could not push the rugby team

The Australian R & D F1 driver Daniel Ricardo of the Red Bull team was unable to push the rugby team & nbsp; from the English city of Bath.

An unusual competition took place on the field where the rugby team trains. The car, which is 800 horsepower, could not counter anything to rugby players, & nbsp; the total of which was 831 kilograms.

Rugby players successfully kept the car in place, and for a while they managed to even move it in the opposite direction. They did not have any other choice, otherwise a car capable of speeding up to 300 kilometers per hour could simply crush them .

At the end of the fight, there was an unexpected kuearnestly & mdash; the pilot of the car Ricardo & accidentally shot & nbsp; the ball that took him along with rugby players & nbsp; drone.