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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ Homeless American won half a million in the lottery

Homeless American won half a million in the lottery

A 60-year-old American bought a lucky ticket worth $ 10 by accident. According to the owner of the shelter for the homeless, in which Engfors spent many nights, before that, he usually did not play the lottery. The chances for Engfors' victory were 1 out of 840 thousand.

As the lucky guy himself told, first of all he intends to spend money in order to re-establish contact with his daughter, with whom he not seen for about 20 years. In addition, Engfors intends to buy himself a pair of new skis.

As the acquaintances of Engfors told, he became homeless after he divorced his wife and lost his business. But having subsequently quarreled with his alcohol problems, Engfors did not lose heart and was constantly looking for a chance to return to normal life. Now this opportunity presented itself to him.