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Escapes in Los Angeles \ Новости квестов \ The Belarusian built on his site the Sphinx

The Belarusian built on his site the Sphinx

A copy of Kushchin looks a bit ridiculous and provincial against the background of the original building, adds a special charm to her, which attracted media attention. According to Kuschin himself, his wife inspired him to create the Sphinx. Initially, Kushchin, keen on the movement of bikers, wanted to build a skull on the site, but his wife was against it. The Sphinx became a compromise option.

In addition to the Sphinx, Kushchina also includes other hand-built figures - eagle, lion, snake, atlant and others. As the creator of the figures tells, they were all made from improvised tools, like bottles, foamthat, armature and wire.

The works of Kushchin often frighten his fellow villagers with their scale. According to the story of the owner of the house, one day his neighbor, returning home drunk, saw the newly constructed figure of the Sphinx and was so frightened that he started shouting and asking passers-by: "Where am I ?!". Now the neighbors are used to the creativity of Kushchina, and the sculptor himself is determined to continue decorating his site.