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American couple arranged a wedding at the marathon

Two participants of the Chicago marathon played a wedding right during the competition, reports AP.


35-year-old Stephanie Reinhart and 46-year-old Mark Jokel decided to arrange a holiday right on the eighth kilometer of the race. The process of marriage took only four minutes, after which the husband and wife quickly kissed and continued running.

Especially for the wedding, the bride wore a fully white training suit, and the groom - a T-shirt with depicting a tuxedo. The ceremony was held under a specially decorated arch with sports medals.

According to Reinhart, an unusual wedding gave both newlyweds exactly what each of them wanted. The bride - a simple and quiet ceremony, and the groom - several thousand guests. True wedding toast had to wash down not wAmpanskim, and Gethoride, which was provided by the organizers of the race.