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The American company released a flying hoverboard for sale

< p> The American aerospace company Arca Space Corporation, based in New Mexico, has launched a hoardboard - a flying analog of a skateboard.

A product called ArcaBoard uses 36 powerful electric channel fans protected by grilles, and stabilizer, which allows you to maintain balance. Hoverboard is available in three colors - beige, green and blue.

ArcaBoard can fly in two modes - using increased traction, and also in endurance mode. The first is designed for riders, whose weight is less than 110 kilograms and allows you to fly for 3 minutes without recharging the battery. The second mode can only be used by riders with a weight not exceeding 80 kilograms, and the flight time in it is 6 minutes.

A separate charging unit sold for 4,500 dollars is capable of recharging the battery of the hoverboard for 35 minutes. The price of the ArcaBoard itself is 19900 dollars and at the moment it is already available for ordering on the site of the company. < iframe width = "640" height = "360" src = "https://www.youtube.com/embed/7TnqBM_KUyE" frameborder = "0" allowfullscreen = "">