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The American twice won the lottery in one minute

A resident of California Rodney Madous won the lottery twice in one minute - winning two tickets he obtained were four out of four.

As Madous said, on November 23 he went for a run and decided to buy a lottery ticket for 30 dollars on the way. Checking the ticket in place, Madoun suddenly found that he had won a thousand dollars. Then the lucky man decided to buy three more tickets, one of which, to the astonishment of the Californian, brought him 10 million.

According to Madoun, at first he refused to believe his luck and asked the cashier to double-check the ticket on the computer. Now the American is thinking about what to do with his big win.

As a friend of Madoun said, buying lottery tickets is an old hobby for him. Madoun buys by lottery ticket almost every day, but a big win before that did not happen to him yet never.