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"Lord of the Rings"

In Moscow, the first quest for the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien. Escape from the company KinoKvest promises to please not only the dedicated fans of the fantasy masterpiece, but also other lovers of all the fairy and magical.

According to the legend of the quest, you have got the Ring of Omnipotence and you must destroy it before it poisons your soul. Your personal path to Mordor will pass through the great Elven City, the Abandoned Dwarven Cave, the beautiful Forest of Night Elves, the terrifying Deadbolts and the lair of the monster spider - Shelob.

Note that the Questrum is made with numerous references not only to the original books of Tolkien, but also to their screen versions. So, in the players' room I expect items similar to those used on the "Lord of the Rings" shooting.

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Players: from 2 to 4

Level Complexity: Medium

The cost of the game: 4000 - 5000 rubles

You can sign up for the game here .