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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". P.3

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". P.3

It would seem that adults do not surprise. Especially when it comes to games that take place in one or two rooms. But people who "hooked" on quests in reality, with each passing day it becomes more and more.

We decided to learn from the avid gamers, what is this in these quests, for which they are willing to pay again and again, to bring more and more people in these rooms and pass more and more terrible and sophisticated quests.

And yet, asked the psychologist in detail whether it is dangerous - to be addicted to such games.

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Ekaterina Podkopaeva, 25, St. Petersburg

The fact that in St. Petersburg there were quests in reality, I heard about a year back, maybe a little more, but did not manage to take part: there was not enough time, then the team was not able to collect ... Once a friend shared her impressions of thethe quest was ilocked and gave them discount card. Probably, this was the decisive moment.

I tried my friends to try and we went to the " Alien" quest,  which was held by the four of them. Impressions remained mass - in the first place it was a completely new kind of entertainment for us, which, of course, added excitement and interest.

In general, we liked it, although there was a feeling of some kind  underdevelopment of immersion. Therefore, we decided that we should try farther. I tried my hand while in the four quests, but there is much  plans, where I would like to visit!

* * *

I like the feeling of cohesion and teamwork in the game - it's valuable and for old friends, and to involve new acquaintances in the company!

By the way, this is a great way to introduce your young man / girl to friends - they will definitely not be for the company " outsiders".

I think, first of all, The popularity of quests is determined by the novelty and originality. This is an alternative entertainment for the company of friends and, naturally, many want to try. But this is hardly directly is connected with the desire to socialize. If you did not sit still and to quests - this is just a new attraction; if your universe was computer - it is unlikely that the quests will change anything.

* * *

We have a close-knit team of 4 people with our friends, but we are happy to we take with us still willing. I think it's better to participate in mixed ( boys / girls) commands, especially if the quest is scary. Optimally, if 4-5 people, six is ​​a bit crowded.

Everyone must evaluate their own state and susceptibility. If you  you are claustrophobic from any extraneous sound, you have claustrophobia or you sleep with a nightlight, because in the dark monsters - maybe worth choosing Quest restless.

Also, I think, you should not go to the terrible questsand children. Participants always have communication with administrators and the opportunity ask to stop the quest. But anyway.

* * *

I think again, that the quests are better to go through mixed teams - girls will have someone to hide, if very scary. We are having Disputes on which quest to go, but with such a variety of genres you can always find one that will surprise everyone.

Quests always surprise! How many reviews you have not read, the quest is always  surprises! And it's always interesting to be in anticipation - what will we meet at this time. I go to the quests about once a month. As a child, we created quests ourselves and " labyrinths", then there were " sunsets" in school and camp , now with pleasure I participate in night quests ( type " Patrols").

I believe that any quest should be atmospheric - it does not matterthen at the heart: a sweet tale with rabbits or a terrible creepy bunker. The participants  should forget for 60 minutes that around the props and props, and behind the walls - the administrators. It is more interesting when the quest takes a large Territory: with variants of passageways / corridors / rooms. Technologies, naturally, also play an important role: when you do not expect where there will be a door. When the action in one part of the room drives  subjects in another.

* * *

Everyone needs a little magic. It would be great if the quests expected some physical activity ( such Fort Boyard). Well, in terms of direction, it would probably be interesting to pass some historical quest, with immersion in another era. So that there was a possibility and to be frightened, and to think, and to be surprised.

The most beloved so far is the quest " Silent  Hill! " At least, emotions were definitely the brightest. Quest wrongAmazingly atmospheric, terrible and mesmerizing! Perfectly thought out entourage, music, the appearance of actors. We absolutely could not focus on the puzzles, so the team succumbed to emotions.

But this means that the creators have succeeded in getting the ( even for a moment) into the same artificial reality."

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Katya Tekhnova, 31, Moscow

My very first quest was the " Car Service" from " Claustrophobia."  I have long wanted to go, but with a small child of the time disastrously  not enough. Going to the quest - it was almost the first thing I did  with the appearance of a nanny. Now in my account about 60 in different countries and cities.

* * *

First, quests are beautiful and atmospheric. Good quests are executed in very beautiful scenery. Thanks to them, the immersion effect is actually created.

Secondly, this is implausible. Paradoxically, but beautiful and atmospheric interiors are absolutely do not aspire to plausibility. Personally, thanks to this, I create a sense of presence in a computer game. I do not know whether organizers to such an effect, but among me they have achieved it.

Thirdly, it's fun. Really fun  with friends for almost an hour to solve riddles and puzzles. A separate fun is after the quest to go to the bar and discuss, what happened, and what not.

Fourth, this is a challenge. Will this work out this time? And whether we can without clues? And what will be the time?

Fifth, it's sobering. Obviously, that soothes the loss. But here you have passed the quest. For example, in 47 minutes. And you are very smart. You're smart, your friends are smart. And attentive. And experienced. You are great. 47 minutes, just one hint. And then you go to the site and you see the photo is not so cool guys who passed this quest in 34 minutes. In general, they are for 13 minutes smarter.

Sixthly, it teaches us how to work in a team. No matter how active and successful you are in going, sometimes you need to move away  aside and let the friend take a fresh look.

* * *

I usually go with friends who either share my hobby, or with newcomers who are asking to take them with them. But anyway with friends. I do not understand the funny to walk with strangers.

I love, when in the quests there is an opportunity to experience the movie stamps. For example, creep through the ventilation. Generally I love unusual transitions between rooms.

It seems to me that you can get hooked on the quests. When passing the quest, as well as in gambling adrenaline is allocated. It's addictive.

* * *

I absolutely know that in Moscow quests are much steeper than Western ones. I  wasand quests in Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Brno, Vilnius and Berlin. I can say with certainty that even the Berlin quest is sufficient not all Moscow. Moreover, the organizers of the quest in Berlin told us that they are very afraid of going out to the German market to "claustrophobia" ". So in terms of quests Russia is cool.

* * *

Of course the quest should at least try, and as soon as possible.  If the predictions of some predictors and the popularity of quests will come true will fall so much that it will become unprofitable, you on the one hand so and do not try, and on the other, even if you decide to try you will get  pretty well-dressed rooms.

The only thing for the first time you need to carefully choose the game and re-read many reviews. Otherwise, the first unsuccessful experience will give you only unpleasant emotions.

 Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of Elena Vysotskaya, social psychologist

Actually, the idea of ​​quests is very interesting. that quests pull people out of virtual communication into the real. Recently, people have strongly gone into virtual communication, real became insanely small. And without the interaction of people in real life - life not life.

If we talk about the functionality of quests, then they can be used as diagnostics of any system. Whether it's family, company, company friends. You can identify the problems that exist, you can identify roles that each occupies in this system.

If you go to play the quest for a family - it's very good an alternative to sitting at home by the TV. Now it happens that people live under one roof and do not see each other especially because of different schedules. And then again - and they all came together.

For example, a teenage son who has a father  little common interests can suddenly be seen in the leader's father, but, provided that the father is one. It often happens now, that there is a problem in the family, due to the fact that the leader is a woman. Such games will help to see the distribution of roles.