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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". Part 2

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". Part 2

It would seem that adults do not surprise. Especially when it comes to games that take place in one or two rooms. But people who "hooked" on quests in reality, with each passing day it becomes more and more.

We decided to learn from the avid gamers, what is this in these quests, for which they are willing to pay again and again, to bring more and more people in these rooms and pass more and more terrible and sophisticated quests.


Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

My first quest is a cyberpunk from Lostroom. In comparison with already passed now quests - easy, but the plus was that one from the levels it was necessary to pass in the helmet of the virtual realityand. Unusually  It was.

* * *

One day my friend called me from Moscow, said that he soon comes to his girlfriend in St. Petersburg and wants her to make a pleasant surprise. He asked me to help ... I started looking for on the Internet some interesting events and stumbled upon the quests in reality. I read it, I was very interested. I gathered the company and went. Something like this.

Now, in my opinion, about 23 quests have passed. Already lost count. To admit, since childhood I adore riddles and puzzles, but here it is all in reality! Really, yes even for a while ... Nervous, frightened, the brain is working intensely in megabystre mode! It's great!

* * *

Computers and gadgets are for teens. The older generation remembers  as there used to be a lot of games on the street, as they were going on hikes, on the apartments, how the peasants played chess and dominoes in the yards and parks.  Now with the help of quests there was an opportunity again in reality get together, play, playmother. After all, we really live, but not virtually!

I go to quests by different companies - basically either with my son and his friends ( or  with children from a children's camp, where she was a counselor), or with friends or just friends who like quests or who are easy on the rise. And sometimes I take a son and someone from my friends. It is ideal to walk the company 3-4 people.

It is not necessary to be well acquainted with each other. Anyway after the quest will get to know!

* * *

I personally do not go and do not want to go to the terrible quests. Who loves adrenaline and tickle your nerves - let him walk. There were cases when operators cut off or muffled some sounds, because we with the girl was very afraid and squealed and just could not think .... But we in advance about it warned. Someone on the contrary requests more terrible and the operator on full tries to use all special effects.

The most unusual, this is when the next door opensverz in the nightstand, and there is a passage to another room, when you need to climb into the picture, when you need somewhere to shine or blow, so that something worked, when you need somewhere to cover up something, arrange, twist, just throw and then it works!

When in a cyberleague you perform the task with your hands as if virtually, and the result in reality is obtained. All this is very unusual.

* * *

Podsest on the quests can. And how! For the first 2 months I passed almost 20 quests. A bunch of friends pulled up and podsadila! But this is a good " replanting,  useful. It differs from any other dependence by the fact that you are nothing You do not win, except positive emotions and pleasure from passing. It does not matter, I managed to get out in an hour or not.

The more quests you pass, the less everything surprises. But the benefit, that inventors and creative people are many, so far so far unexpected there are moments and approaches to the solution.

I was a fan before the queststable games. Backgammons ( especially), card, domino, reverse. I was also addicted to playing in the " Mafia." Very rarely, once a year, I can play a ( strategy, or arcade game, or a business game) in a computer game.

Most people in my environment do not know what quests are. Usually  I tell you that these are puzzles, charades, riddles in reality in a room from which there can be several exits with the help of keys, which you need to find, unravel in an unusual way, blowing up somewhere, twisting something, comparing it, and so on.  

* * *

I also thought about what kind of quest I'd create, if I had a budget for it. At first,  it should last longer. At least 1.5 hours. That there was at least 4  different rooms and there were no locks with keys or codes at all.

That it was not a linear, but a multi-level quest. Without age restrictions ( often  write that you can play only with 12 or 14 years - for the son it is insulting. Quest and not terrible, but he is still not allowed), so that there are at least 80 riddles. And that all the time they gave a notebook with a pen to write down the found  letters, numbers or symbols ( I have, for example, the memory for the numbers is bad).

* * *

I'm not even sure that in the west there are the same quality quests in real. It seems to me that our quests, although they began recently, but many are already quite high level.

I would very much like to have quests for large companies, a man at 8-15  for corporate or birthday. Or a quest for a wedding, an anniversary or for lovers, only for two. In general, more themed games.

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Alla Kovtun, St. PetersburgUrg

My first quest was " Alice" from Lostroom. Heard from friends about such entertainment as quests, when she decided to google - everywhere was " Alice." The impression was strange, I do not think I was happy. But friends then took me to other quests, and then started ...

15 quests have already passed. With computer quests, these quests I generally I do not see the point of comparing. In some you sit on a chair and click the mouse on the screen, in reality you fully experience the story, you take participation in it. Every time you are the hero of a new story, a new one of the world. This is an excellent team building, so I force my colleagues to walk for work. Although, I forced once, now they go themselves.

* * *

Quests are an alternative to cinemas, theaters and anti-penalty with bars. It's just another sphere of entertainment. At the moment, the most for me attractive.

Three times I wentbut with colleagues, they made a meeting of graduates in the quest. In general, it is better to go with familiar people with whom you are each other you see. Or if in a new company you need to learn interact with each other, then the quests in this will help.

If the truth is frightened in a terrible quest, then the quest has justified yours expectations. And if you have problems with the nervous system, do not go on horror. In general, the administrator monitors the game and hears everything, at least in large companies. And I'm always ready to stop the game and help. It is necessary only to ask.

I was very frightened by the quest " Saw»  from Ilocked. There were very similar situations with the film, accompanied by with a good sound selection and video inserts. It was scary, although I I understood that this is a game and they can not kill us here.

* * *

A good quest creates the impression "Wow! Wow!". And it seems that it is already hard to come up with a steeper one. In general, I love the movie " Jumanji". I would love to play a game on it.

I really liked the " Saw" until I went to " Mission Impossible "from Ilocked. I think, for today in St. Petersburg -  this is the most interesting and very beautiful quest. Indeed, in 5 minutes, you forget that you are in the game, and completely get used to the created the situation.

And some friends who played in Europe, they say that our quests are much more technologically advanced.

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Anna Kucheryavenko, neuropsychologist, psychotherapist

The very form of the quest itself - it is very ancient, Cossacks robbers  all were very long ago, just now a person wants more demonstrations technical possibilities, scenery, so this is the form of our time just.

In principle, it's good that the quests are more communicative: if people get up from the table  with a computer and go to play them, it seems to be progress. But, not the same as we would like. Because fears are better to work through, but not win back. Intellectual and sports quests, of course, more useful than horror stories. CONTINUED < / a>