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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". P.1

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler? Stories of "hooked". P.1

It would seem that adults do not surprise. Especially when it comes to games that take place in one or two rooms. But people, " podsevshih" on quests in reality, every day becomes more.

We decided to learn from the avid gamers, what is this in these quests, for which they are willing to pay again and again, to bring more and more people in these rooms and pass more and more terrible and sophisticated quests.

And yet, they asked the psychologist whether it is dangerous to be dependent on such games.

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Evgenia Erchenkova, 37, Moscow

How I found out about the quests

Some time ago, a colleague of mine asked me if I had ever been  on the quest. The question has caused us a heated discussion, since the very word was understandable and, of course, hadto get an idea of ​​this gaming segment computer games, as well as stories of acquaintances involved in similar automotive games and outdoor games.

But with the concept of " escape-room" we first encountered. I remembered even old-time fun: when there were no social networks and everyone used the " ICQ", we sent each other a link to one flash game  in the Internet. The plot there was just revolving around the room in which locked the character and from which he had to get out, figuring out a few logical puzzles and finding the key. We timidly assumed that, perhaps, escape-this is just such a game only transferred to reality, but certainly did not know anything.

How I started playing

Colleague with friends went to the game and returned with a bunch of positive emotions and confirmation of our guesses. After a while, she went to another game, and then another, butthe desire to follow its example " that's right now" did not arise, rather it was like " well ... maybe somehow…".

And now a colleague with friends got to the first opened in Moscow performance. The result was that I was unconditionally and not accepting No objections were recorded on the game. I gathered my friends and we went to their first quest. Emotion I will not describe. I will say only that all enchanting reviews should be multiplied by two, because it was the first quest and SUCH we did not expect!

I've already completed about 15 quests, two of them in St. Petersburg.

Why did " become stale"

Quests in reality are different from all pre-existing quests to all. In a computer game, you can " be saved," pause the game, you actually do not have a time limit. You can " touch »  Any objects without consequences, they simply will not interact with you. There is no feeling of full immersion in the game, you always understand, that you are only a person managing a character.

From the senses only eyes and half are involved. In the " rooms"  everything is real, you are a character immersed in a certain atmosphere and if you get used to the proposed circumstances, then you experience a full range of sensations: from sensitive to emotional.

And at the end of the game you realize that you did not just go through it, you lived this story. As the hero of one well-known movie said: " We lost the spirit of adventurism, we stopped climbing in the windows to our beloved women!".

For what I like quests

In ordinary life, it is difficult to imagine the circumstances under which an adult person suddenly climbs into an abandoned house or gets in a canned laboratory, or,God forbid, fall into the paws to the maniac. I love quests for the opportunity to train my mind, logic and erudition. For the opportunity to learn about yourself something new. Yes Yes! Quests are, to some extent, a litmus test.

Sometimes it happens that gentle and a fragile girl turns out to be a man with steel nerves, but a universal The pet and the good-natured turn into an instinctive animal, ready to bring sacrifice of a loved one for the sake of his salvation.

Quests - a fresh wind in the entertainment industry and those people who love active rest, with pleasure responded to a new trend. Topics more, that the average cost of the game in terms of one participant equals the average cost of going to the movies.

With whom I play

Among my friends, I am the locomotive of the organization of various activities. There is already such a practice: I book or schedule event ( in this  case quest), and then I look for like-minded people. How to Ruleabout this alone and the same people, the composition depends on the availability of free time of the participant on the date and time of the game.

Of course, as in any other game, success largely depends from the team. A good quest is a multitask quest, it contains various tasks: to search for objects, interaction of objects, logic, dexterity. And if the team will be a weak link, most likely the game  will be lost.

Horror quests are primarily directed on emotion, and only then on solving puzzles. Assignments to them, as a rule, easy and the main emphasis is on the development of the storyline. As if in a theater where you are not just a spectator, but one of the involuntary participants of the played performance. And it's very exciting!

About your favorite " chips" quests

Creators of quests, each in its own way, tries to give its offspring some kind of  a special chip, a highlight that would distinguish it from others. And I must say - very successful! EveryoneOnce you go to the game, you think, that you already know everything and it's hard to surprise you with something and every time you are amazed at this or that find of the creators. Somewhere impressive interior, somewhere high-tech, somewhere a plot and atmosphere.

The most beloved is, perhaps, when the quest has an alternative end. When in your power not only to defeat evil and cope with the task, but also the ability to manage the process.

The quests have absolutely no contra-indications and are recommended even children. Often in the waiting room I see couples with children and this perfectly. Excellent family pastime, which also gives the opportunity to get to know your child better, understand how he thinks,  more is possible, and that is less.

Quest as a sport

Playing for the first time you can either remain indifferent, or you will become an amateur, or you want to become a professional. There is absolutely no There is no analogy with gambling, where the outcome of the game mainly depends from a case.

When playing cards, dice or slot machines, a lot depends on how the " card will lie down" and the destructive-fatal  is the moment that you begin to argue with fate in the hope, that this time you will definitely be lucky. A quest - it's like a sport or quiz, if you lose, then you realize that it was you who was not enough courage, strong, smart. Accordingly - go train and come when you're ready.

There is a certain type of player for whom quantity is more important than quality.  It does not matter how they play, the main thing is to put as many checkmarks as possible opposite the list of quests. But this is more of ambition than of excitement.

How to drag friends to the quest

If I visualize the frequency of my quests, it will resemble a cardiogram of a pre-infarction patient.

In my student years, I was fond of shooting and just quests, but over time, more problems with free timem, and age priorities shifted towards real life, it became a pity look at the way it passes through the monitor and goes past, because I from sports games I love paintball, and the quests take place in reality.

Many of my acquaintances are not that they do not go even once, but even and did not hear about this kind of leisure. As you can see, with a brevity of exposition I have problems, that's why I try in bright colors and expressions tell what it is, but unfortunately, practice shows that while a person does not descend, he does not understand the whole point and the thrill of the game.

And the practical one who accidentally got on the game ( went for the company, with nothing to do, etc.), comes out after the end with the words: " That's cool! And I used to think it was some kind of garbage. "

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Veronica, 16 years old, St. Petersburg

The first quest I took was " Psychiatric Hospital "from the company < span class = "hlaquo-s typo"> " Rabbit  hole ". Communicated with friends, and the girlfriend sent just the site of this company. She learned about real quests, just by opening ads in Vkontakte. I immediately became interested in the opportunity to pass the quest in real life.

About the first time

Computer quests I passed from childhood and loved them, so decided to try to feel everything in reality. That's it with friends and decided to go. They chose " Psychiatric Hospital", because they wanted to parrot, and experience such an atmosphere.

When we got to the quest, we behaved like crazy ( probably, not in vain got into the mental hospital). Therefore, the quest did not have time to pass, although it is very simple. We did not have time to solve everything because we were shouting, screaming, afraid to go into a dark room, doMali, that they will greatly frighten us there.

However, they let us finish the game and reach the end by themselves. Got very friendly instructor. Kvest remained very satisfied and soon decided go still.

About the future experience

I completed a lot of computer quests, I do not even remember.  But real, unfortunately, only 3. But I will not stop at this. Because first of all, it's a feeling. In life, everything is completely different, not like in a computer. I would advise everyone to pass quests, it's worth it.

We went somehow to another quest in the genre " horrors," and it was very scary. Suddenly a clown with a chainsaw appeared at the back. All of the fear just sat down. And when it was necessary for someone to lie down in a coffin, and I decided, it was an inexpressible feeling. It seems to me that I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

So there's also the overcoming of fear. And indeed, in fact,  when you pass quests, you do everything yourself: not your computer nersonazh, namely you. This is interesting. A person enters this atmosphere, becomes himself the character of a story. I like that you can test your capabilities. With the help of his intellect, logic leaves the room.

Why do people love quests

I think that people have always wanted to communicate in reality and want to pores. And team quests help people to unite. Even if you were not familiar to the quest, then after him, already as friends. I usually go with friends or with friends of friends. I think that you can go with your friends, acquaintances, classmates or classmates. It's fun!

I'm not a doctor, but I think quests can not somehow  harm the psyche. Moreover, there are age limits on scary quests. You are warned that you should not walk if there is various phobias. Well, if you seriously got scared, something happened, of course the quest will stop. The team is always in touch with the instructor and under video surveillance.

About excitement and special effects

The quest " 1408" was passed through the novel of Stephen King: there, to get out of one room, it was necessary to pour out some liquid  in the bathroom, then the door opened. It's just amazing how interesting quests are arranged. Sometimes you see and do not understand how this can work. Still very much sometimes various special effects surprise.

In gambling and slot machines, people sit down because,  that they want to win more and more money. And in the quests you you will not get any money. You come here for the sensations, it does not matter Whether you win or not, you will be satisfied.

For those who do not know what quests are, I explain this: " You need to find a way out of the room for a limited time with your head."

As you probably already understood, I'm an amateur of horror quests, so my ideal quest is something  very terrible with realistic soundtrack, actors. Bymore interesting puzzles, puzzles. It could be done so, so that sometimes not the whole team gets out through one exit. And that was not  such items that can not be touched. In some quests on objects write " does not participate in the game" - it's sometimes annoying, because the atmosphere of reality is lost.

About the most impressive experience

In our city, the ticket for the quest costs from 1,600 to 5,000. It depends from the time of visit and company. I'm glad that the price is divided into a team.  We go to the quests in the morning and in the afternoon, on weekdays. In the evening, just more expensive.

My favorite quest is the last one I passed. It is called " Circus du Satan". According to legend, the clown " Gustav" went mad, and no one who was in the backstage, did not return back. But we could.

This is still the most terrible quest that I was going through. Clowns sometimes do not cheer, but very muchthey're hurting. It was in this quest that it was necessary to fulfill focus with disappearance and lie down in the coffin.

Adrenaline in the blood ran off all 60 minutes. It was very scary moments. Mysteries were unusual, the atmosphere - that's it. Well, in general, everything  this must be experienced on myself, what I'm talking about here.

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Dmitry Matvievsky, 31, Moscow

In my first quest I played in June 2014. It was " Pandemonium"  from Lostrooms. Friends were invited to try a room - this was quite a curious detective story about a maniac with one class element of surprise. Then I began to want more.

Over the next two weeks, my friends and I went through 5-6 quests from different authors. There were good and excellent bad things. But we already got involved, and we were already stoppedgt;

Now I personally have about a hundred past games. I even from the photos and the announcement of the quest I can sometimes say, it will be good game or not.

* * *

Since I and my main team, with whom I play questums, just began with all kinds of sports, orienteering and other night games, I can honestly say that fundamentally in the format " escapes" are no different from such games here, except perhaps in terms of space and time.

Usually, such outdoor activities [out-of-game games like " Night  Watch "] pass night on Friday or Saturday. Well, or during the day off, so I had to adjust my plans to this. And here - I found, what they liked or recommended, booked a convenient time, arrived  and participated. If you want - at lunch, if you want - after work. And, you know,  that in an hour you will be free. It is very convenient in mode metropolis.

* * *

Quests like format - it's almost any action, different from what you do in your everyday life. You learn something new, you train smartness and ingenuity, you have the opportunity to enjoy some author's ideas that you can not find anywhere else. After all, sometimes organizers put their soul and a lot of forces into their " escapes."

And yet, the quest - a great opportunity to prove yourself in the team and watch your friends, colleagues or relatives in non-standard situations, where people have the opportunity to reveal themselves with a new  for you the parties.

Personally, I have a historically formed team of active lovers of quests and the first fifty quests I went virtually one composition. Now the summer and somewhat more difficult because of holidays, trips. Therefore, there were a few more people who like to go to quests.

* * *

Surprising me after a hundred quests is not easy, but I want tonotice, that this is still possible for some authors. Some decisions are fair amazed. Unexpected appearance of artifacts from the ceiling, off flashlight, actor, appearing, seemingly, out of nowhere in front of your  face, a dropping ceiling, a weeping statue ... In my service such there are already a lot of things and each has something of its own.

Especially remembered how in one quest we are the whole team of four people were crammed into the closet in the sharply come time of the game, although we were not supposed to fit there in any way, but it turned out to be unexpected moving to the next room. Several times the quest began to surprise even before the moment of entering it, when the immersion in history goes still before the entrance and you really start to believe in the naturalness of what is happening.

* * *

I do not think that quests can be compared to gambling: here it is more likely search for new sensations and sports excitement, because your time is limited, Quests vary greatly in complexity, and the result dependsonly from you. And when you come out with a good result - it's very cool charges.

Trying the quests is a must for everyone. It is important to choose something that is correct in format and complexity. Do not start right away with a difficult one, it's important to first understand how it works. Still, it is interesting to see the quest completely and feel like a winner.

Therefore, it is better to choose a quest for a major project with good recommendations, and such a quest, which is aimed at the beginner - on the " escape sites" is is always mentioned in the description. And then look, like it or not. But it's worth a try!

Dependence on quests or how to become a gambler?

Tatyana Norvalade, psychologist

Is it possible to become addicted to quests, both from slot machines and casinos? Sell ​​all the furniture, get into theolga?

Gambling is a game where you can rely only on the occasion - How will the cards fall, what bones fall out, and not on their personal resources in contrast to the quests.

In gambling there is always an illusion of productivity ( big kush), which in general  and is a risk of dependence. And the quest is a mix from an intellectual, competitive and role-playing game, when a person there is an incredible rise in strength and creative energy!