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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ We will investigate: quests based on C.S.I.

We will investigate: quests based on C.S.I.

The classic Escape quests scenario is an escape from prison. But not all fans of such entertainment want to feel criminals, even in the game. But the popularity of police films and serials about investigations of terrible murders and disappearances has only been growing in recent years. Not surprisingly, it is the "forensic laboratory" that is gradually cramping other topics and taking its place in the quest industry. Sometimes the authors of the scripts themselves come up with a legend, but more often, without further ado, take as a basis cult images and TV shows, for example such as C.S.I .: Crime scene is an American television series. He was popular with us, but in the West, literally every first person knows about him. C.S.I. went 15 seasons, spawned two spin-offs, countless books, games and comics, and not one dozen quests around the world.

Rome, Italy
Number of players: 2-5
Price: from 40 to 75 euros for game, depending on the number of players on weekdays, and from 56 to 100 euros at the weekend

This is one of the simplest rooms based on C.S.I., but very popular. The organizers of the quest - "Escape Rome" - have the highest appraisal of users on TripAdvisor and hundreds of laudatory reviews, and administrators fluently speak English and eagerly invite tourists who have come to the Eternal City.

In this room, you will be able to participate in this investigation. But everyone who tried to solve this crime before, completely disappeared. Do you have enough courage to accept the challenge and understand what is happening? & nbsp; You are waiting for an exciting adventure in the style of detective TV series. Just for those who always spoiled all Christmas, finding gifts earlier than the parents planned. During the quest will have to crack the super secret base of the CIA,you can get the information you need to investigate, so be sure to bring a hacker with you.

CSI: Detective of the Homicide Department Davison (Michigan), USA
Number of players: 2 - 8
Price: $ 26 per person

Quite a complex quest (patency of about 30 percent) and, at the same time, rather frightening (nervous and better to avoid by its side) because of its realism. Children - only over 16 years of age or accompanied by an adult under his responsibility, but there is nothing to do, let's say, just screaming.

You are a team of detectives of the murder department in C.S.I. You need to understand who, why and how to commit a crime that you do not know about yet. During the passage of the quest you will not only have to solve puzzles and work with clues, as in most similar rooms, but also to understand the motives and purposes of criminals,the main thing is to understand who to suspect in this monstrous crime - without this quest can not be solved.

CSI: Athens
Athens, Greece
Number of players: 2-5
Price : from 40 to 65 euros per game depending on the number of players

You are in Athens in 2018 in a team of forensic investigators who are taught to uncover crimes by examining evidence. They do one thing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: they go to the scene, collect evidence, investigate the evidence, and look for the missing "pieces of the puzzle" to uncover the secret. Now you have a particularly difficult case. And, at the same time, a good opportunity to flash in the laboratory. Find the stolen and the criminal and quickly: the countdown has already begun.

CSI Laboratory San Diego, USA
Number of players: 3 - 5
Price: 95-130 dollars per game depending on the number of players

See the detectives and dramas and think that we would have coped better? This place is just for you. Just do not overestimate your strength: according to organizers this quest is of the highest level of complexity, and the record of its passage is 55 minutes 42 seconds out of 60!

So, this is your unique chance to prove yourself: a mysterious toxin that happened to be in the air, already killed 6 people. Your team must synthesize the antidote, or you will suffer the fate of the victims of the mysterious poison. Find the hints hidden among the clues and decide the case that will become your key to freedom.

CSI: murder
Melbourne, USA
Number of players: up to 10 people
Price: $ 27 per person < / p>

A young, successful student, the soul of the company was found dead in her apartment. You and your team were invited to investigate the crime scene in order to gather evidence. Time works against you: you need to find crueltyth killer before he hits again. Can you understand his motive and stop it? Start with her bedroom, but remember: the clock is ticking. You only have an hour to find the suspect.

CSI: Investigation of the murder
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Number of players: 2 - 8
Price: 299-389 reals (5400-7000 rubles) per game depending on the number of players

Difficulty level - maximum: this quest passes only 20 percent of players. But he was made with imagination. You were selected for a super-secret mission: along with a team of private detectives, you have to uncover the murder of an American spy before the police arrive at the crime scene. Are you ready to get a dose of adrenaline trying to figure out who is the killer and hide from the scene of the murder on time?

Room - C.S.I.
Los Angeles, USA
Number of players: 2-5
Price: from56 to 110 $ per game depending on the number of players

Quest, created based on the serials of C.S.I .: Crime scene & nbsp; Las Vegas and C.S.I .: Miami, has a fairly high level of complexity. & Nbsp; From you will require search skills, research mindset and teamwork - after all, scientists from the laboratory C.S.I. Do not investigate alone!

You are at the scene of a crime, and your main goal is to find the key evidence and uncover the case. But on the way to it you will find many other items related to the incident and clues that will help in the investigation. This is an excellent example of a quest for those who want to feel like a cop.