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Bad advice: how not to go to the quest

Remember the popular in the second half of the 1990's book "Bad advice" for disobedient children? The one where they advised me to fly from the balcony on my mother's umbrella and drive along the corridors of the apartment on the scooter? We decided to compile the same compilation for those who are going to go to the quest for the first time, and tell us what not to do on the quest, and how it can turn out.


How do I choose a quest?

- Choose the most difficult scenario - you're the smartest. Suddenly it turns out like the heroes of the series "The Big Bang Theory", who passed the room in a few minutes? Even if you do not have a doctoral degree in physics or microbiology, this is not a reason to take a level for beginners.

- The longer the quest, the more fun. Why make a room for 60 minutes at a time when competitors have 90? Yes, of course, we heard something about the fact that an hour from puzzles the head starts to boil, and long quests are for real professionals. But we are just such, for nothing, that first time.

- And you're probably the bravest. Spit on the fact that your girl is afraid of spiders, and a friend is allergic to reagents. Be sure to choose a quest, where as much as possible of any nasty living creatures and chemical items that need to be mixed, shaken and shed. A swelling of your friend's Quincke will turn your quest into a quest for administrators.

How do I prepare for the game?

- Girls, come on high heels. A thin hairpin is the perfect footwear for the quest, especially there is a needYou need to climb somewhere, crawl, jump. & nbsp; Young people simply can limit themselves to new shoes. Nothing so helps to relax and solve all the riddles, like a bloody callus on the leg.

- It is better to wear clothes light, as badly as possible. A white dress in a circus and an expensive starched shirt will do! Chain sweaters - a special squeak of fashion on the quest with a lot of artifacts. Maybe, if you grab and puzzle a puzzle from the table, will it solve it yourself?

- Call with you all your friends. Literally. And then suddenly someone else gets sick, and the adventure will break. When the location instead of 4 laid-off people will come 6 & nbsp; do not worry, and boldly swear with the organizer. Well, that the room is not designed for such a number of people. We paid for it.

What should I do inside?

- Be late. Especially if the organizers are tightth schedule and for you someone already booked the game. And then the scandal, that you paid for an hour, and expel you in 45 minutes. Refuse to leave the room & nbsp; until you finish.

- If you still did not use the previous advice and came earlier, before you go to the quest room, be sure to drink all the tea and eat all the cookies from the organizers. All the same & nbsp; freebies. And the lack of a toilet in the playroom will spur you to solve all the puzzles as quickly as possible. & Nbsp;

- Undress, kiss, or even have sex instead of passing the quest. And do not think that the administrator sees and hears you, and in many quests in general there is a constant recording of the game on a hidden camera. You did not come here to look for puzzles, but to see if the sensations are sharper if you are locked in a room and someone is peeping at you, without wanting it.

- Always ask for help, because the operator knows exactly how and what is better to do, and you can show the super-result. And nothing that nothing in the quest will not be clear, but the time is right to go!

- If something did not open immediately, but it looks like it's opening up - try to pull it harder, suddenly it just jammed and requires physical interaction!

But seriously, then remember: these tips are exceptionally "nasty"! And the pleasure on the quest in reality depends not only on the quest itself, but also on yourself!