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On a visit to Pharaoh: 8 best quests in the world about Ancient Egypt

Have you missed the pyramids and mummies, and are looking forward to when Russia will resume air communication with Egypt? Refrain from the dreams of the Red Sea and hot sand will help quests dedicated to the history of ancient Egypt. Tombs of pharaohs, mysteries of archeologists, mysterious papyri - all this can be found in quvestums around the world. And fly there, among other things, no one banned!

Ancient Egypt
Redmond, United States
Players: 8
Play time: 50 minutes

Professor Stanley - your teacher of archeology - offered to join him on his expedition to Egypt. But then you arrived at the place, exhausted by a long flight, it turned out that the professor had disappeared somewhere. The last place in which he was heading to extinction is the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhomon. And he disappeared in tfrom the very day that I sent you an invitation. Is this just a coincidence? You decided to check what happened in this mysterious place, but as soon as you entered inside, a stone came crashing the exit outward. It remains only to study the funerary chamber and find another way out of it.

Tomb - Budapest, Hungary
Players : 4-6
Play time: 60 minutes

The mysterious room in which you were - this long-forgotten Egyptian funerary chamber full of mysteries. Your team will be led by a well-known archaeologist, so we are sure - you will manage. But for this you will have to carefully study all the clues, reveal the ancient secrets and thousand-year secrets.

Treasures of the Pharaohs
Los Angeles, USA
Players: 6
Play time: 60 minutes

You will be transported in times when the masters of the worldbut was one of the greatest in the history of civilizations - the ancient Egyptians, and their ruler - the pharaoh - was known for his wealth and luxury. After the death of Pharaoh, his body was placed in a sarcophagus and immured in a tomb. Your team of treasure hunters was able to get there, but the return trip was cut off, and you have to find a way out in just one hour - for a longer period under the blockage there is not enough oxygen. To survive, you must understand all the hints that you will find, and learn artifacts that are not one thousand years old.

The Curse of the Pharaohs
Las Vegas, USA
Players: 2-6 < br> Playing time: 60 minutes

One of the most difficult quests of Live Escape Adventure »in Las Vegas. You managed to find the entrance to the tomb of the pharaoh. Hundreds of researchers before you tried to get there, but no one came back. Will you risk experiencing your destiny? Then get ready: as soon as you enter, workt trap, and you will only have an hour to find a way out. Or to die of hunger, lack of air, or the mysterious "Pharaoh's curse" is not the best prospect, is not it?

Pharaoh's Room
London, United Kingdom
Players: 3 -7
Play time: 60 minutes

You have successfully overcome & nbsp; all 12 black gates and found themselves deep in the heart of the pyramid - in the burial chamber of the pharaoh Cheops. 99 robbers before you and did not come out of the tomb: there are rumors that their tombs were taken away by the tomb of Cheops, and forever made their dead guards. But maybe the hundredth catcher of luck - that is you - will it work out? The chamber of the pharaoh is cursed: all who stay there more than 60 minutes will die an excruciating death. So you only have one hour to find the treasure and escape. Otherwise, you will forever remain in the pyramid and replenish the ranks of its formidable disembodied defenders.

Ancient Egypt
Markham, United States
Players: 4-10
Playing time: 60 minutes

You are part of a group of Egyptologist archaeologists who finally found the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses II. The one that was known by the Bible: remember the outcome of the Jews from Egypt by the word of Moses? Among the treasures in the grave is a note of a well-known archaeologist who was missing many years ago. What secrets are buried here? What happened to your colleague? The mystery that Pharaoh's tomb has kept for thousands of years is waiting for you.

Curse of Ramses
Moscow, Russia
Players: 2-4
Playing time: 60 minutes

4 kilograms of sand, 2 sphinx (almost real) and more than 500 characters - from this quest, judging by the reviews, even those who have visited the pyramids and tombs in Egypt are delighted. According to the scenario, you are a team of fearless archaeologists, who climbed into the podthe empire of Pharaoh Ramses, where he locked his servants to reveal the most intelligent and savvy ones. According to the legend, the tests will end only when, when someone can pass them. You have a chance not only to go down in history as the pioneer of Ramses's riddles, but also to stop the cruel entertainment of the pharaoh.

7 pharaoh mysteries
Moscow, Russia
Players: 2-5
Playing time: 60 minutes

So, Egypt, 525 BC. - the last independent state of the ancient world, still won by the Persians. In order to become a full-fledged Egyptian ruler, Cambyses II, who has already called himself the new Pharaoh, one must pass through the Chamber of Secrets, hidden from the Persians by the Egyptian priests. They say that even among the priests, only one in a hundred passed the test. The governor sent his soldiers there, and they found the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, but they could not leave. Since then, no one has stepped into the dungeon.

Our days:you are a team of treasure hunters and adventurers who have entered the Chamber of Secrets. The door slammed shut, and now, to get out to the sunlight, you need to go through the Egyptian priests and unravel the mysteries of the pharaohs.