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Scientists found out where the aliens live: celebrate this event in the quest

Mankind has finally come close to answering the question of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Not so long ago, scientists from Serbia, Austria and France figured out which systems of the Milky Way can be inhabited by intelligent beings.

According to view of astronomers, extraterrestrial civilizations exist only near young stars on the outskirts of the galactic disk. Therefore, until now, the search for aliens has not been successful: all suitable luminaries are located at a distance of about 16 kiloparsec from the galactic center, not at all where experts have been looking for life before.

Researchers believe that people are very lucky: the Sun is located from the center of the Galaxy at only 8.5 kiloparsec - according to scientists, only 1% of life-friendly systems are at the same distance from the center of the Milky Way. Now, experts are sure, the search aliens will go much more successfully, because the search radius is noticeably limited, thanks to the calculations of astronomers.

And yet, before our spacecraft record the existence of & nbsp; intelligent beings on other planets, can go dozens, and maybe hundreds of years. If you wait so long for aliens you are not ready, but want to see them now - go to the quest in reality.

Strangely enough, there are not so many scenarios on this topic. To "dig deeper" in the innards of the newcomer, it is better to go abroad, for example to America, where such quests are popular. Are not you going to the ocean in the near future? Then go to the game " Secret Territory " from the PODZEMKA questmaker. Scenario: a mixture of science fiction and mysticism in one bottle: a secreta deep underground underground immured immigrated to Earth, you will see him in the Questrum. The research that is being conducted here can reveal the secrets of our civilization, but be careful - the alien will come to life at some point, and then the outcome of the events will depend only on your ingenuity.

The remaining "extraterrestrial" quests are mostly variations based on the famous horror film "Alien". For example, eponymous quest Claustrophobia, which literally feels the presence of a dangerous alien. Going to the rescue ship, which sent a distress signal, try not to fall into the trap: representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations can be very insidious. Despite the frightening atmosphere, the creators did not have horror stories in horror genre, so you can safely come here with children. & Nbsp;

Another " Alien " - TruExit's quest is a story about social responsibility. A dangerous alien is already on your ship, and you need to make sure that if you save in the detachable module, it will not follow you to Earth. The quest is based on the first part of the cult horror movie, so fans immediately recognize the situation and scenery.

And, finally, the quest that is the most distant from the original scenario is " Secret materials: the project" Alien "from ArmaGames. As part of the program to develop secret high-performance weapons, the military engaged in cloning of Aliens. Such an experiment simply could not end safely, because it is almost impossible to kill an Alien. The escape of one of the clones created a dangerous situation for all mankind and launched a self-destruction program for the laboratory. In the game there are many not only mysteries, but also physical activity: you have to run around the bunkerwith a weapon at the ready.