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Top 8 reasons to go on a quest in reality

You have never been to quests in reality and in the depths of my soul do not understand why your friends and acquaintances so fanatyut from such pastime? Or maybe you are already a questoman with experience, but you can not "lure" your friends or your soul mate to your friends questsum? We have collected for you the top 8 good reasons to go to the escape task.

Quests reduce the risk of developing dementia in old age

Yes, yes, scientists in 2015 proved that active intellectual activity and constant fulfillment of diverse tasks protect our brain from memory problems in old age. And the researchers have in mind exactly this type of activity that scripting writers use - memory exercises, attention and intellectual games, because the daily routine, even if the intellectual work in the office on the likelihood of developing dementia especially not affected. Make your brain work, and it will start using its hidden reserves and build intercellular connections that will not let you fall into insanity when you become a grandparent.

Quests make you move

Doctors call a sedentary lifestyle one of the main problems of residents of developed countries. From sedentary work at the computer or in front of the book, the eyes, the spine, and other internal organs suffer, weight begins to grow, pressure problems arise - in general, a full bouquet of a typical citizen. Of course, the quest will not notice the gym, but to stir you up and make you move is perfectly capable. So if it's hard for you to immediately decide on a simulator or jog, going to Questrum is an excellent occasion to break away from the couch and start an active lifestyle. & Nbsp;

Quests develop teamwork skills

If you have ever looked for a job in your life, you know that in every second yearThe requirement for "the ability to work in a team" is mentioned in the search for an employee. Indeed, employers like candidates who are able to build relationships in a team, and can even give them preference over more experienced, but less sociable applicants for a job. Almost all quests in reality need to be done not by one or two, but by a team of at least 3-4 people, constantly coordinating their actions with other participants. Where else do you learn teamwork better than in close to extreme conditions of escape? Unless you go together to conquer Mount Everest. & Nbsp;

Quests develop useful personal qualities

In English-speaking countries, this is called the theory of the four C: Communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and the Russian language can be translated as four K: communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. All these are extremely useful at work and in everyday life of a man of the XXI century quality developmentQuests in reality.

Quests are a healthy alternative to drugs. In fact!

Back in the middle of the twentieth century, scientists discovered a way to transfer nerve impulses to the center of pleasure in our brain. This process is associated with a neurotransmitter called dopamine and is responsible in our body for positive reinforcement. It is to him (in the biological sense, of course) that we owe our pleasant moments in life. Drugs increase the production and release of dopamine 5-5 times, causing a person euphoria. As well as solving a complex problem, because the main function of dopamine is the positive reinforcement of our achievements. & Nbsp; Usually all these dopamine pleasures are evenly distributed throughout our life and with drugs are not in any comparison, therefore people agree to sacrifice their health and normal life for the sake of a new portion of pleasant sensations. But the high concentration of successfully solved tasks in such a short period of time (and boThe majority of quests are only an hour or a half) will cause you to have a quite comparable effect. Bezo any, notice, harm to health.

Quests teach us to communicate with real people in the real world

In our high-tech world, where you can talk to a person who is thousands of kilometers away from you using a phone or the Internet, many people lose the skills of live communication and simply do not know how to behave when confronted with a stranger face to face. Here, after all, you can not take a sudden pause, go out in the middle of a conversation or send to a ban list! Quests in reality help to restore social communications, because there is no other way out than how to communicate with each other players: they are locked up in a room without gadgets in their hands.

Quests teach us how to use our imagination

If you are not an artist, writer or at least a designer, it's unlikely that in your daily life you will comeoften uses his imagination. Too much around interesting products of someone else's imagination, like fantasy books and superhero movies (and computer games, comics, cartoons - the list goes on forever). So, in fact, for a short time, it is not enough to completely lose the ability to invent something of your own. Quests in reality require from you non-standard solutions, include imagination, leaving the brain the opportunity to "ride on the familiar tracks."

Quests are fun

In the end, there is not much joy in life. And the opportunity to have a good time with friends is priceless.