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Top-10 countries in which most like quests

Quests in reality, which 8 years ago were a real exotic, now appeared in many countries around the world. Not surprisingly, some states have become leaders in the number of quest rooms and geographical coverage. As the "Escape from the room" captures the world you will show the compiled by us TOP-10 countries, in which quests love the most.

The US can be safely called the queen of quests. Companies that organize games in the genre "Escape from the room" and thematic quests based on serials, films and books exist in almost 130 cities of the country - that is, practically in every state. The leaders in the number of quest rooms are Los Angeles, which became the birthplace of quests in the US, and New York. But other cities are not far behind: more than 10 different scenarios can be found in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Portland, Philadelphia, Austin, Houston and Seattle. So, as you can see geographical separation into a couple of major cities - the world capitals of quests and other "provincial" rooms in the US there. By the way, in the States recently there were many quests for children, when they do not need an adult in the team. A great opportunity to entertain a child, and most to sit in silence.

You will be surprised, but, perhaps, nowhere quest-culture is as developed as in Russia. In terms of coverage, we still lose a little to the leader of the rating: we have games in the genre "Escape from the room" appeared only in 40 cities of the country, but by the number of organizers of the quests and the number of scenarios offered by them - ahead of the whole planet. In Russia, there are now 2150 quest rooms - an absolute world record. Most organizers of the quests, of course, in Moscow and St. Petersburg: 583 and 253 respectively. But this is a little less than half. The rest are in the regions. & Nbsp;

In Canada, there are more than 90 companies organizing the quests and about three hundred different scenarios for 35 million inhabitants of the country. By the number and extent of quests, Canada can be compared with the United States, and in fact it lives 10 times less than citizens! The most "stained" in Canada are Vancouver, Richmond, Markham, North York, Scarborough, Toronto and Montreal - they account for about half of all the country's quest rooms.

The Netherlands
The Netherlands for the world of quests is a country-phenomenon. With a population of just over 17 million people, she managed to become a leader in the global quest industry with more than 200 scenario quests. If you look at the country map on the quest aggregator site , you will feel like there is not a single city left in the Netherlands , in which there would be no quest room. In fact, those in the country is about 30, which is quite a lot for the state, divided into 12 small provinces.

In Germany, quests are so popular that even a special site , which collects information about all the quest-rooms opened in the country and prepares reviews for them. Now it registered 113 companies-organizers of quests in 69 cities of the country. The geographic dispersion of the quests is large, but unfortunately, the Germans' choice is still rather meager: in 45 cities there are only one quest room, but only five of them have more than 4: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt.

United Kingdom
In the British kingdom, as in Germany, too, has its
site-aggregator of quests , and it shows 79 firms-organizers of quests in 35 cities of the country. The situation here is also approximately likein Germany: in most of these cities, 1-2 quest-rooms, only Edinburgh is knocked out of the picture, & nbsp; Liverpool, London and Manchester. But even with this capital of Great Britain, in comparison with other cities, there is nothing to brag about: 21 scenarios from 17 organizers - large network firms engaged in quests in England, in fact, no.

In Warsaw alone, the TripAdvisor website knows 28 escape quests, some of them very popular - hundreds of users put their estimates, and detailed reviews on the page in different languages ​​of the world. The most popular are classic quests of the genre "Escape from the room", as well as the quests "Crime scene". By the way, some rooms in Warsaw can be passed not only in Polish, but also in English. In addition to the country's capital quests are in Krakow, Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan, Szczecin, Torun and Wroclaw, and not one by one, but a minimum of 2-3, or even 5-6 quest rooms in each. Total Order50 organizers of quests and more than a hundred scenarios. Not bad for a country with a population of less than 40 million people.

We must admit that little Hungary fell into this list only thanks to Budapest. In this city of the country are located 34 of 46 firms-organizers of quests. But if you ever glance into the Hungarian capital, the choice you have will be just huge. More than 65 scenarios, from the classic "Escape from the room" to exotic games based on films, serials, children's stories and books, for example "1984" by George Orwell - well, where else would you see it? Many of these quests are not so simple and harmless as it seems at first glance. In addition to Hungarian almost everywhere you can play in English, and the prices in Budapest are much lower than the average European. In general, there is something to do with this questomana.

The Australians locked on their small continent seized the quest rooms as a unique opportunityto get new impressions without getting busted for a plane ticket to a distant Europe or the USA. On TripAdvisor in the same Sydney there are only 6 quests, but in fact the companies that organize quest rooms in the city are at least 10. In addition to the largest city in Australia, the quests are still in Parramatta, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Harvey Bay, Melbourne, Perth and another dozen cities across the country - more than 30 scenarios for 23 million residents. True, in some cities, given the high demand for such entertainment, quests are not even enough: so in more than a million Perth there is only one room.

Spain is one of those rare countries where the leader in the number of quests < / a> became not the capital. Only 5 quests in Madrid can not even be argued with at least the 16th in Barcelona. In addition to them, quest rooms are available in 8 more cities, and all local organizers offer more than 50 scenarios.

Will consoleA small prize
Three countries did not reach our rating: Malaysia, Turkey and Romania. In Malaysia there are 20 organizers of quests and, interestingly, most of them have about 5-6 scenarios each, so that by quest-diversity this country could well argue with many others in this rating. In Turkey and Romania, the number of quests has not yet overcome the mark of 30 pieces, but is confidently moving to new records.