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Superhero quests: feel like a member of the Avengers team

Another film about the superheroes of the Marvel universe "The First Avenger: Confrontation" quickly became one of the most successful paintings of the cycle. Only for the first week-end in the US, he collected 179 million dollars (with a budget of 250 million). The rental is not yet over, and the box office in the world already amounts to more than 765 million.

The box office success of the picture was predetermined, but surprisingly, the struggle between Iron Man Tony Stark and Captain America Steve Rogers has garnered positive responses from critics who normally do not spare Marvel films. 90% positive feedback and IMDb rating 8.50 - for a superhero movie it's really solid. In general, if you generally like this kind of picture, and have not yet gone, we advise you to get to the cinema.

And if you have already seen "Confrontation", and sit on tenterhooks in anticipation of a new premiere from Marvel, go to the quest in reality based on the films about superheroes. This is a great opportunity to once again experience the exciting moments of your favorite movies and comics in a new way.

In Moscow, no doubt the best option is " Headquarters of superheroes from Labyrinthum. This quest has high ratings and excellent reviews of visitors. And it's not surprising: the creators collected in one room the shield of Captain America, mini-reactor Tony Stark and other heroic gadgets. And the decorators broke up so that in the superhero headquarters they created, you can really shoot the next part of the epic movie "The Avengers". Players will be together with the superheroes Marvel and DC Comics to save humanity from a dangerous criminal.

Another popular superhero quest " Guardians of the Galaxy " from TruExit is based on another series of comic books Marvel. And he, like the film that formed the basis of the quest, has a specific sense of humor, so do not be surprised to see the dummies of rat corpses and blood spray on the dashboard. In addition, the game uses Sphere - almost like real, from the movie - the fans should go to the quest at least in order to hold it in their hands.

In St. Petersburg, the headquarters of the "Shield" is located on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. Quest " Superheroes in Space " from the company, which is called "Questrum SHIELD" - is not only a unique design, which uses dozens of pages of comic books Marvel, but also familiar to the "Avengers" story - the search for a magic cube tesseract with incredible power. On locationthree rooms: the cabin crew of the spaceship, the captain's bridge and the rescue capsule - made budget, but with a soul.

In the near future in Moscow will open another superhero quest - " Iron Man " from Claustrophobia. We already know the place - Pushkin Square, the number of players - from 2 to 4. The target audience is youth. The quest will be available for teens from 8 years old with parents, and from 14 on their own. & Nbsp; Other details in open sources yet, but this is definitely one of the most awaited quest premieres in Moscow. & Nbsp;