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Back to school: quests by September 1

The school year has already begun, and you are not yet ready to sit down at desks after the holidays? Do not just grab for textbooks. We have collected six quests for you, which will help you easily and easily return to school or university after a summer vacation. And some of them will help brighten the beginning of the school year, adding to it even a little entertainment.

First, let's remember how the school class looks. To start the academic year without losses, you have to come to one of the schools in the city, but not as students, but as specialists in explosives. The building has an explosive device, and it must be disarmed as soon as possible until the school takes off. This is the script of the quest " Save the School " from RealQuest. The decorators reproduced the classroom in all details: here and a green board, and a large wooden triangle, and low desks with hooks for portfolios. In general, everything is like in school, but only for one hour and without any homework!

Chemistry lessons will help remember the quest " Laboratory " of the company "Labyrinth of Memory". Bulbs, test tubes, funnels and an old computer - a real chemical laboratory, only teachers do not: instead of them, look for an antidote from the deadly virus that spread through ventilation due to the lack of lab technicians, you will have to. The threat of death - what is not the incentive to learn, finally, Mendeleyev's table?

If you have already passed this scenario, or it seemed too easy, you can go to the quest of the same name from company Funlock. There are more formulas here, and the riddles are more complicated, but at stake are not only your lives, but the fate of all humanity. They say,that the owner of this laboratory has gone mad to construct a terrible bomb that can destroy all life on our planet. You have to stop it, and for this - remember the physics and chemistry.

The history program can also be repeated on quests in reality. This will help the educational project Hawking with the script " Library of Ivan the Terrible ". Participants have to find a secret book depository of one of the most famous Russian tsars, and find out what is written in these dusty volumes. Traveling in time in the XVI century will be easy and fun, and in the course of the game you will learn many interesting facts from Russian history.

And if you have already reached the program before the XX century, be sure to visit before starting your studies & nbsp; quest " 1941: Battle for Moscow " from IndieQuest to "explore" from the inside events of one ofthe most large-scale battles of the Great Patriotic War. The creators recreated the dugout - the command headquarters at the front 20 kilometers from the city. Here you will find the mock-ups of weapons that were in service with the Red Army in 1941, and grenades, and even a set of nurses for first aid. And, of course, you will learn how 75 years ago the Soviet Army could still prevent the fascists from Moscow.

Already finished school and entered the university? And how about the everyday life? Prepare for life in the student dormitory will help you quest " MSU hostel " from the PartyQuest project. What do the hosts of this room hide in the legendary high-rise on Vorobyovy Gory? You will have an hour to find out. The main thing is, do not flatter yourself - you will not find such a quality repair in a real MSU hostel.