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Escapes in Los Angeles \ О квестах \ Six quests that will bring you back to the summer

Six quests that will bring you back to the summer

In the yard, September and the weather, in strict accordance with the calendar, has already become autumn. But getting jackets and boots, we still hope to grab another piece of summer, at least. And if nature does not yet provide us with such an opportunity, then the quests in reality may well bring you back to hot countries for at least one hour. Choose: Mexico, Egypt, or maybe an island in the Caribbean? Summer in questums continues all year round!

If you did not manage to go to a tropical island this summer, make up for the loss of the quests " Pirate Hut "" Claustrophobia. " The sun and palm trees, however, will only be drawn on the window, but the thatched roof in the dwelling of the old pirate and the underground river through which you will escape from it are quite real. Thanks to this in the quest literally smells in the summer and trand it seems that you should be saved from death by the hands of a bloodthirsty sea-wolf, and you can lie on the golden sand as much as you like and wet your heels in the Caribbean Sea.

If & nbsp; you prefer the wild jungle, go to the quest " Djumanji 2.0 " from TruExit. Of course, the decorators could not plant the real wood in the house on Sukharevskaya, but the floor was lined with grass, which looks almost like real. Greenery, as well as various reptiles that live in the rainforests, there is also enough. Do not worry - all the snakes are securely locked in the aquarium, so you do not face threats to get out of the game bitten by them, as it would surely happen in a real forest. But you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the wild and slightly cruel world of the legendary board game and catch the summer mood.

A little more tropical jungle awaits you in the quest " Terra Incognita ." But only one of the rooms in the location is fresh and summer-shaped, and already literally in the next you will have to knock your teeth in the cold in the Eskimo ice house, so from summer to winter, From the side of the spaceship, you will find yourself in the depths of the Egyptian pyramid, then at the edge of the forest.In the scenario you will have to explore an unknown planet in the orbit of which the missing space ship was found many years ago.

And if you are not afraid of the heat of the desert, and you remember with longing & nbsp; those times when you went to Egypt in the summer to go on holiday, descends on the quest " Curse of Ramses " of the project "Serious games". This is the most authentic Egyptian quest in reality, full of not only mysteries and secrets, but also cunning mechanisms, and the decorations in it are made of real stone blocks and sand and painted with hieroglyphs - everything, like in a real pyramid. To understand the secrets of priests and pharaohshis Egypt remember all that you know about this country, before you will hint at the deserted sun. Otherwise, you will not get out of the tomb of Ramses ever!

Do not like the heat, but still miss the warm days? Summer in the English style (except that without rain), awaits you in the art quest " Alice " from the "Cubyrinth". Strict classical park contrasts strongly with the insane colors of other scenery, recreating the atmosphere of Wonderland: a bit abnormal, but still fabulously beautiful. Assignments, albeit not too complex, will require from you wit and non-standard thinking, and the abundance of greenery will not let fall into the autumn melancholy.

Quest " Treasures of Maya " will take you back to another country of eternal summer - Mexico. There, in the depths of the green forest (by the way, there is a forest on the location), the sanctuary of one of the mostdurable peoples of antiquity. The Indians did everything to protect their secret temple from foreigners, and those who did manage to enter it are unlikely to get back. & Nbsp; An hour later, the trap will finally shut, and you will remain in the stone crypt forever, if you do not figure out how to get out.