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The most strange and unusual quests in reality

Quests in the style of " get out  from the room "appeared in Russia a little over a year ago, but today they are already one of the most popular urban entertainment. People of all ages with friends and families voluntarily  Go to being locked in a room and forced to fight over the decision set of puzzles. And all in order that in an hour to find freedom.

Today, a huge number of " indoor  quests "on a variety of topics - from Harry Potter to the prison  The KGB. But there are also such quests, getting acquainted with that and want to exclaim: " What-about-about !?". Your attention to the five most strange and unusual quests in the style of " escape the room", which are found on our planet.

Quest with a real zombie

The most strange and unusual quests in reality

You were taken to a locked lab in which you had previously conducted testing the vaccine against a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies. According to the story, one of the researchers accidentally injected a hefty dose serum and now he himself became a walking dead man. Do you have exactly  hour to leave the laboratory alive.

It would seem - a typical plot for room quest from the United States . However, in this case you are waited by one lovely surprise. " Yes, and  where did the same doctor go? "- you ask. Yes, here it is, lies on the floor, having had time to turn into a zombie chain itself a chain to the battery. And this doctor is by no means a scarecrow.

A zombie is a real actor who at a certain point in time begins not only to crawl and yell, but also to try to catch you. And his chain at the same time a minute becomes a few centimeters longer.

If the zombie touches you - you lose. And you can not hide this, because it follows the rules strict American moderator. But the main thing in this case is not to lose face. Whether it is not enough that can happen, when qualitatively obscured The zombie will suddenly grab you by the foot.

Quest " choose from the 80's"

The most strange and unusual quests in reality

Almost all quests " get out of the room" have their own theme. Only occasionally there are rooms completely devoid of any entourage. But in some cases, entourage begins to play even a o an important role than the puzzles themselves.

Developers " room quests" in reality from Philadelphia offered an unexpected attraction , where the player needs to leave ... 80th years of the twentieth century. Why the 80's?  Why should you get out of there? How did you even get there? Maybe, the answers to these questions are waiting for you inside. You can say only one thing - scary  will not be. Of course, if you, for example, do not suffer from an extremely rare form  mental deviation - fear of the 80's.

In the course of action, you will have to deal with cassette players and VHS-players, visit the video-saloon and travel agency, designed in the spirit of thirty years ago, and listen to the lion's share of pop tunes in the disco style. But to be an expert in the 80's to win, not necessarily - puzzles live beyond time and fashion.

Quest " Robbery on Kutuzovsky"

The most strange and unusual quests in reality

In general, all sorts of robberies - a favorite theme of the creators of quests.  Still: it's a famous kinoshny stamp, and to be myself in the role a real robber, cleverly escaping from the police with millions in a bag, certainly wanted - certainly for fun - everyone.

But from all " robbery" quests we chose one. It is called " Robbery on Kutuzovsky ». And the beauty of it is that it passes ... in the real separation " Sberbank." That is, the branch, of course, does not work anymore, but the whole situation in it is preserved thoroughly.

The most interesting thing is that immersion in such a quest is instantaneous. Your an accomplice who watches from the outside, gives you a weapon, a bag for money, a few parting phrases and launches into the department " Sberbank."  Sensations are inexpressible: after all, all these branded windows, green color,  The rack with handles and the glass separating the cashier from the customers are familiar literally every Russian.

In general, the dive is complete. The only thing that the quest does not have to do for sure is to stand in long lines with grandmothers.

Quest " get out of the coffin"

The most strange and unusual quests in reality

This harsh quest is from the northern capital. At one time, the creators of the first quests in Russia " choose  from the room "lamented that in the West and in Asia they used too little space for rides. As a result, now in Russia decided to outstrip it in this.

Of course, " Buried alive " -  this attraction is definitely not for the faint of heart. According to the plot, you wake up in a sealed tomb, where you allegedly placed a transpersonal a psychologist using too unusual methods of treatment. On that, you have exactly one hour to get out. But it is not easy to do this -  The hands are tied with handcuffs, and around the walls are covered with leather. All, what you need is to look for clues, dodging in close space.

You can both participate in the quest, but in this case the players simply put in two neighboring coffins, so that they are selected independently from friend. So, in any case, you will have to rely on your own force.

Quest with the eyes closed " Morpheus"

 The most strange and unusual quests in reality

What just do not go to the creators of quests to stand out among dozens of its competitors! And if some think up cleverly a twisted script, others - invest millions in believable scenery, then some go even further, changing the principle of interaction with the player himself.

In the unusual quest " Morpheus " you have to act all the time with your eyes closed! Yes, even before entering the " escape-room"  you will be carefully dressed in a tight bandage. And in the further world of the quest you will be led by specially trained actors, whose task - tell you a story and throw up puzzles.

All interaction occurs at the level of smell, touch and hearing. According to the authors of the quest, as well as those who already had time to play in it, sensations are inexpressible. Imagine, you hear the sound of the crash: the screeching of the tires, the sound of the impact, the breaking glass, the feel the smell of burning, burning rubber, feel , how something on your cheek is something flows. Maybe it's blood? Who knows!

In general, fans of thrill this should like even more than the quest for the coffin.

Quest " get out of the stadium"