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The most patriotic quests for the Day of Russia

The Day of Russia is an excellent occasion not only to relax and have fun, but also to do it with patriotism. If you drive around on a car with a tricolor sticking out of the window - entertainment is not for you, but from the officialdom creaks on your teeth, go to the quest in reality and prove that for the sake of the Motherland you are ready not only to strain your head, but also risk your life. & Nbsp;

Save Russia

A true patriot is always ready to save his country from danger. And they were lying in wait for Russia from the earliest times. For those who deeply believe in the monarchy, we offer the quest " Attempt on the Tsar of the Neuron project. Here the team has to get into the secret headquarters of the Communists who planned the murder of the sovereign and prevent the crime. To do this, you need to send a radiogram to the center with a detailed planom conspirators and go unnoticed until they returned to a safe house.

If you prefer the middle of the twentieth century and heroes of the Great Patriotic War, a unique chance to visit their roles is also given by quests in reality. The choice you have is great ( we have already published a selection of thematic escapes a>). Our choice is " Saboteur " from CityQuest with an alternative ending and the elements of the performance. The task is to steal the map with the plan of the Third Reich Army's advance on our positions.

Closer to our days is the quest for spying in modern Russia « Catch Me If You Can " from BestQuest Cinema. American Shpion Frank Abignale arrived in our country to steal important documents, which, falling into the wrong hands, could seriously undermine national security. The case was taken up by investigator Anatoly Smirnov, who discovered the secret apartment of a spy, but stopped contacting him. You have to continue the business of the brave guard of order and catch the red-hot elusive Abignale!

Teach children to love Russia

Love for the Motherland has been planted since childhood. Therefore, & nbsp; you decided to go on a quest with the children, choose scenarios based on Russian fairy tales: the benefit of fashion has reached them and to the quest industry. For example, the quest " Fairy tales " from "Quest Park Harlequin" is a great way to introduce children to traditional folk tales. Here you and Ivan Tsarevich, and Baba Yaga, and Koschey the Immortal, and, of course, the beautiful princess, who is to be saved from the abducted and imprisoned villains in the dungeon.

More aboutdin people's escape - « Yaga's Hut " from the quest project "Intuition". In a small hut there is everything that should be in a real Russian house - a stove, a wooden table with benches and a cast-iron pot. But stay here is not worth it - soon the mistress will come back, who is not against eating a simple-looking person who looked to her for a light. In order to make guests feel like real fairy-tale heroes, the organizers give out national shirts.

Learn the history of Russia

What patriotism without history lessons? If you have forgotten much of what you were taught in school - it does not matter. You can also fill the gap in education with quests. Choose a topic: war with Napoleon or the reign of Ivan the Terrible?

The quest " LIberia (Library of Ivan the Terrible) "from the Questmaker" Hawking "- an exciting history of discovering the repository of the oldest books that were rumored to be the library of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. & nbsp; This educational questrum, which was specially created to ensure that players learned as much as possible about the history of the time. By the way, the quest for Ivan IV is also in St. Petersburg: " Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession " from lifequest .city. The game is based on the famous comedy by Leonid Gaidai and takes place under the familiar music from this film from childhood.

And if you want to learn more about the history of the Patriotic War of 1812, go to the quest " Dungeons of the Moscow Kremlin "Questsmaker" IV dimension ". The time machine will send you to underground Moscow of the beginning of the XIX century: Napoleon has already occupied Moscow and you will have to intervene a littlehistory to get out of there.