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The most authentic historical quests

Until the Time Machine was invented, quests remain one of the most convenient ways to "travel back in time." Historical scenarios now have almost every questsmaker, but the quality of the scenery, sometimes, causes & nbsp; players laughing because of anachronisms, mistakes and blunders that allow decorators. We have chosen for you the six most reliable quests for historical topics, which correspond to the period stated in the script.

Medieval prison
Toronto, Canada

The historical interpretation of the script for the quests "Escape from prison" is best suited Trapped Canada . The stone walls, the metal grill, the floor covered with straw - all as in those harsh times. Moreover, according to the script, you are not some noblelord, but a common peasant of the fourteenth century, unjustly accused of high treason and sentenced to death by hanging. And with such subjects in those days did not stand on ceremony. The last wish is not allowed to you, and it remains only an hour before the head of the prison comes and takes you to the gallows. Honestly, in such scenery it's easy to forget that all this is just a game.

The Cathedral
Budapest, Hungary

The creators of the Budapest quest " Cathedral " a bit confused with the story, that they tried very hard. On the location other than the stone walls of the abbey and barrels - impressive decks for criminals with a hint of the Middle Ages. All this fully corresponds to the plans of the Gothic cathedral, which stole the mysterious proThe opponents of construction, and which you have to return. But what in this triumph of historical conformity does a fragment of the triptych of Hieronymus Bosch of the beginning of the XVI century and the reproduction of a rather late picture depicting the Virgin Mary? However, if you do not pay attention to these small details, it turned out quite realistic.

The Mystery of the Estate
Moscow, Russia

The uniqueness of this quest lies in the fact that immersion in the atmosphere begins before entering the location: " The Secret of the Manor "is located in the old House of Culture, which really remotely resembles a noble house. The organizers tried very hard to recreate the atmosphere of the XIX century - this period is stated in the script. And they succeeded, though not in everything. Booksin shabby binders, candlesticks and a kerosene lamp, an old telephone: the details are worked out very accurately. But with furniture, apparently, the organizers have problems - buying real items of the XIX century is now too expensive. Therefore, the stylized for this period, things and the imagination of the decorators went into action.

Castle of the Holy Angel
New York, USA

Qualitative quests - this is not only one of the best reasons for national pride, but also, as it turned out, a good export commodity. Can you imagine how surprised we were when we found out one of the most atmospheric and historically credible quests in New York that the Russians were doing it from the Komnata Quest project?

Despite the fact that a particular historical period in the scenario is not declared, the location " Castle of the Holy Angel "looks very natural: it seems that now because of the turn the inquisitor will come out. The script mentions the sculptor of the middle of the 16th century, Benvenuto Cellini, and for this time everything is quite natural in the quest, except for an ideal white skeleton, which for some reason remained in the inquisitorial chambers, and did not crumble over the bones of time.

Oxford Castle
Oxford, UK

This is generally an amazing story: a real castle, which is driven with tourists' excursions, periodically, by the forces of workers and volunteers turns into quest with reality . It's impossible to get there simply by recording - you need to monitor the schedule of games, but it's worth it. The huge castle, built in the XI century and rebuilt after the English Revolution, preserved the medieval corners and decor, which means that it is especially oldThere is no need for organizers to design premises. The only thing that had to bring modern, though stylized - it's furniture and, in fact, a puzzle.

Dungeon Prisoners
Moscow, Russia

With these scenery, it's hard to argue in realism - if " Claustrophobia undertook to make a medieval dungeon, it will make it medieval. No shelves from IKEA and other similar things you will not find, although an experienced historian, probably, will be able to catch a glimpse of a couple of entrenched moments, like a too elegant for those times of the bookcase. Stone walls, cool rooms (so dress warmer), torture instruments of the Inquisition - everything is completely natural. You have to get out of the casemates before you go to the penalty. And do not expect mercy - not those times!