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Who should not go on quests

The secret of a successful campaign for the quest is not only in choosing an interesting topic and a positive attitude. The team with whom you spend an hour in a locked room is one of the main components of success. The game is played by families, university groups, companies - with colleagues and friends. But there are people with whom it is better not to go to the Questrum. So: the eight worst companions for a quest trip in reality.

Mr. Credibility

This painting, executed in the spirit of the early Renaissance, does not fit the entourage of the "Medieval Castle". And this kerosene lamp simply could not be on the pirate galleon, because the galleons were used until the 18th century, and such lamps appeared in the middle of the XIX. No, of course we are also for historical certainty, but not to the same degree! The game must remain a game, and the presence of such a Persianonazha in the team completely destroy the whole atmosphere. Therefore, if your friend is an expert in ancient Egypt, better take him to the quest, whose events occur in the near future. And then instead of solving the mystery of the pyramids, you will listen for an hour to lectures on the correct writing of hieroglyphs. This, incidentally, applies not only to historical quests: the IT-friend may well begin to resent in the middle of the quest for artificial intelligence that the creators have confused with the terminology. Its something just lead on the Egyptian quest - there definitely will not be any microcircuits and computer code.

Miss Hysterics

Horror quests, especially good ones, from which the blood really gets cold in the veins - is not a place for the faint-hearted. So if your friend jumps up from every rustle and can not watch horror movies, do not feel her psyche & nbsp; immersing herself in the atmosphere of this "Saw" or "Silent Hill". Otherwise, you risk ruining your game, you will not be able toWith the tasks because at least one member of your team will be in a "panic knockout" and can not think, and the girlfriend will receive a dose of nightmares for a week ahead.

Children on the adult quest

If you go to the quest with children - the quest should be childish. For many games, the organizers are allowed to take with themselves junior schoolchildren, if they go accompanied by adults, but this does not mean that the children will have what to do in the quorum. Therefore, if you go not to entertain children, but play by yourself, it is better to send the kids to the grandmother or leave with the nanny. Otherwise, half of the time you will spend not on solving puzzles and puzzles that the kids will not be able to help you with anyway, but for constantly pulling the child "do not break it, do not touch it." Get rid of the tortures and yourself and him: go with children only for children's quests.


Heels will get stuck in the lattice, a wooden bench will tear the tightsand, in the time machine, I'm sure to get a & hellip; & nbsp; Even the most "clean" quests, in which there is nowhere to get dirty and spoil clothes, require some kind of physical activity, and, therefore, give the whiner a reason to start spoiling your mood. Climbing the rope ladder for him is too high, looking for the key in the bath with blood - too disgusting, and climbing under the table is just hard - the back is sick. With these friends it's better to go to the cinema or the museum, but not to the quest.


If the way out for the quest is not corporate - from the company, but friendly, with colleagues, then think carefully before calling your boss. Especially if it's a horror quest or, on the contrary, something piquant, like "Stripter's apartment." & Nbsp; Imagine what it would be to your boss if after the game the staff behind him whispered about how he could not cope with the simplest cipher or shouted in horror at the sight of the zombie actor. Or, conversely, how will you lookIn his eyes at the meeting, remembering how the handcuffed men were lying on the bed and trying to find the key among sex toys (this is us about the quest, if that).

Older relatives

Quest in reality - entertainment for all ages, so we are in every way for driving them parents and even grandmothers with grandfathers. That's just the theme and nature of riddles should be chosen very carefully, based on the technical advancement of your team. Older people are unlikely to appreciate the quest with virtual reality glasses, tablet computers and touch panels and will be frankly bored, and you will lose a valuable team member without which, perhaps, will not have time to solve all the tasks. Quests with zombies, aliens and even elves are also not the best idea. The fantasy of the older generation is not in honor. Therefore, if you decide to reduce your grandmother to the quest, find a historical scenario in which there will certainly not be the latest achievements of the world of high technologies and eeriezombie.


If you were asked to look after a guest from a distant country for several hours, and he already visited the Red Square and the Kremlin, do not rush to show him the latest achievements of the Russian quest industry. Despite the fact that our quests for the quality of scenery and the complexity of assignments very often exceed foreign analogues, the querums in which we are ready to play the game in English or some other foreign language in Russia is catastrophically small. Therefore, most of the playing time you will spend on translating a untranslatable game of Russian words and explaining specific Russian humor to your guests.


Since the puzzles that await you in the quest remain a mystery until you hit the room (otherwise it's not interesting to play), be careful with the invitation to the quest of people who have definitive beliefs in any field. Suddenly this or that joke will enrage femiesnistka, Stalinist or homophobic. And the article for insulting the feelings of believers still has not been canceled. And if your potential teammate has problems with a sense of humor, it is better not to be in a locked room alone with him and an irritating factor. It is not customary to ask about a religion in a good company, but if you know that your friend regularly performs a prayer or goes to communion, you probably should not call him to the quests about the ghosts and the horrors of the Inquisition.