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Quests rules in reality

Extremely effective against computer addiction are quest games that take place in real-time and space. Their uniqueness is based on the ability to develop in a person a lot of useful qualities, skills. To emerge as a winner it is necessary to show all your wit, deduction, ingenuity, decisiveness in making decisions - all that is so necessary to have today a successful citizen. All games have their own rules. Quests are no exception.

Quest rules in reality

To get the most out of the game, you should strictly follow its rules.

  1. Except for special children's quests, only older children and adults without age restrictions can participate in the game.
  2. Participants in the apartmentEste do not have the right during the game to be under the influence of psychotropic, narcotic substances and alcohol.
  3. You can not bring foreign objects into the playing area of ​​the game room, which can become an additional key to solving the puzzle.
  4. In most cases (unless otherwise specified by the organizers) the rules of the game on the quest in reality imply the use of only observance and savvy enough to solve the mystery. Physical strength should not be used.
  5. Usually, the minimum number of players is 2 people, and the maximum number is 6. But there are quests for singles, and there are 30 people for the company.
  6. The event is held in compliance with the Constitution and the laws of the state.
  7. In quests of the "performance" and "action" type, the realism of the scenario and the degree of risk during passing the levels is determined by the team.
  8. The organizers areThe responsibility for the safety of players, but for the consequences of incorrect "game" actions that make it impossible for the script to pass, the team members themselves answer.

    Quest Quest Objectives

    In addition to the fact that quest games are an extremely exciting and interesting pastime, they also have the goal of promoting healthy lifestyles, developing an active social position, participating in solving global problems of mankind. Plus, they contribute to the player's self-improvement.