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Full cycle: how to do quests and how much it costs

There are not many people left who do not know what a quest is in reality. But still, very few people know " wrong side" or " behind the scenes" quest in the room.

We asked the creative director of the network of quests Sitikvest ( Cityquest)   Anton Denisov slightly open the veil of secrecy and tell us how much money is worth the quest, how much a person needs to create it from scratch, when all this usually pays off, and why it can be burned.

Full cycle: how do quests and how much does it cost < em> Anton Denisov, Sitikvest

And at the same time found out who was to blame if a person was injured during the passage of the quest.

How everything starts

The idea, as a rule, appears either at the customer, partner and investor,  or at ourselves. Even necessarily look, that the competitors happens: it happens that there was a quest in fashion, because the film was released popular, but now the time has passed - and it is not at all successful. Sometimes, it becomes popular some kind of quests, for example, family, and they are still not on the market. That's how we collectively think and decide.

In general, the quest is like a movie. And specifically in our quests - the whole a team from the field of cinema. The main screenwriter is he from VGIK; director and all who makes decorations and decorations for us - also cinematographers. That's why we try to do " movies in reality."

First we write the script, in parallel with this we do rough work in the room, we do some kind of minimum: ventilation, water, heating. Next come two teams: engineers and decorators.

Full cycle: how do quests and how much it costs < p> Engineers are responsible for those miracles that occur within the quest, when something is buzzing and glowing, and decorators make the appearance: " grow old" walls or turn them in the jungle, depending on the scenario.

The decorators have one more auxiliary team - shoemakers (specialists who in their workshops make articles for quests: swords, chests - ed. ).  For example, in one quest you needed an old crossbow, that's what he was doing to order in the workshop. In parallel, there are engineers and technicians who set up electronics in both the quest and the control room quests the operator's room ( for the CCTV camera, for example, sound, etc.), the entrance area where the tea-coffee-TV-reception is also done.

Usually the team is one screenwriter and one production designer, who has two engineers and three technicians in charge. That is, the team is at least 7 people, plus some people in freelancing. And plus the director of the quest, which is on the site every day.

I, for example, in our network - the creative director: I watch, that in all quests the tasks did not repeat, were interesting, I check  all at all stages.

What are the difficulties

Full cycle: how do quests and how much does it cost

On average, from the idea to the already sold ticket passes 2 month. Such situations, when you would have to redo the entire quest, which has already begun to build, does not happen, you can rewrite the details, but so that directly from scratch, I do not remember such situations.

It happens that ideas are repeated for several companies that make quests. Well, for example, last year in Moscow there was not one quest with a bank robbery, so that in some  The moment, of course, this idea occurred to several networks at the same time Simultaneously. And all at once built pieces of 5 banks. Now in Moscow more  300 quests, it's hard to keep them from repeating themselves. The main thing is inside its network does not repeat itself.

We have a task - to keep players: we are a network, and we are now building 15 quests, we want people to come to us, they like everything, and they Would go further on our quests. It is clear that some elements all repeat: Well, no one came up with anything more original than the principle of the key and the lock, everyone has some kind of a door that needs to be opened with the help of a code or key or action. But, it's not scary.


Full cycle: how do quests and how much is this worth

Let's just say, everything in our country starts with some precedent. While no one has broken on the quest, there is no law, everything is decided within the criminal code. If someone cut himself, the director is to blame.

While the quest for the norms does not differ from any other room: Ventilation and fire extinguishers should be, everything is according to norms, nothing like this the supernatural.

In theory, it would be good if a player signs some paper, agrees with some rules, confirms that he, for example, does not suffer from claustrophobia, understood that there are some risks. While no one does this.

But, in general, 98% of the quests are moving from room to room with ordinary ceilings and floors, where it is difficult to fall and be damaged in some way especially.

About dreams

Full cycle: how do quests and how much it's worth it

We have several ideas that we can not yet implement and we are waiting for an investor who will like these ideas. Technical special problems yet.

For example, we have an idea to make a medical quest with an operating theater, but in our country you can not just get medical equipment.

Nobody writes it off, it is stored for years in some cellars of hospitals, but nobody sells it. We are looking for exits to some old clinics, because it's very difficult and expensive to do from scratch.

There is also an idea to make a television center, so that with real light and cameras and, to make it look like a real news room, but so far this idea is also waiting for its time.

About money

Full cycle: how do quests and how much it's worth it

Now in Moscow, the quest costs from 1.5 million rubles. This if already there is a room and you just need to make props and everything else. And from scratch, when the room is not quite ready, it's 2-2,  5 million rubles. This is due to the fact that now a very high level quality quests in Moscow, high competition, demanding players, You can not save on equipment.

The rental price of the premises for the quest is from a thousand rubles a square meter per month. Premises for the quest must fit the whole list requirements, for example, you should not interfere with tenants, be near from the metro, have round the clock access and so on. If approximately, then rent a quest of three rooms - this is about 150-160 thousand per month. A lot of money goes to advertising, because the competition is huge.

The payback of the quest depends on the seasonality, now it's summer and everyone has a tight all. Another thing is that quests become more and more. For example, if even in the spring there were about 200, then for a couple of months it became one and a half times more. That is, congestion has fallen and supply begins to exceed demand.

With good workload, the quest will pay off in 8 months. In summer all companies that make quests are invested in advertising, and people are all at the dacha and shish kebabs. It used to be busy on weekends, and now on weekdays. Many quests are self-repaying.

If you go to Avito, for example, you'll see dozens of ready-made business quests that are sold, because people are desperate. But, this is usually not very successful initially quests.

It is believed that in Moscow the level is European, but in Japan quests are more advanced level.