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Pokemon GO: how the quests in augmented reality came to a new level

The world's most ambitious quest in augmented reality has won the hearts of millions of people around the world: the game Pokemon GO has overcome the mark of 21 million active users per day and is confidently spreading around the planet, despite the fact that the official release took place so far only in six countries.

What is Pokemon GO

If the words "augmented reality" and "catching Pokémon" do not say much about what you are talking about, let's figure out what it is. Pokemon GO is a game for a smartphone in which users need to catch virtual monsters - Pokémon, train them and send them to battle with other players. The main "trick" of the game is that it takes place in the real world - that is, in order to catch the Pokemon, you need to go to the place where it is located according to the map - in the store, park or even in the cemetery.

The Pokemon itself, of course, is virtual, that is, only the players on the smartphone screen see it, but the fans have to run a lot. The application uses the geolocation function to help find the closest Pokémon to you, and a camera to catch it. So it turns out that millions of fans of the game walk with their smartphones through the streets, in pursuit of new virtual monsters.

All this is really a bit like the spread of a virus. According to SimilarWeb statistics, the average US resident spends 43 minutes per day on the Pokemon GO. For comparison, in WhatsApp it "sits" half an hour, and in Instagram - 25 minutes. 60% of people who downloaded the application use it daily. Pokemon GO brings its creators a half million dollars a day: the fact is that after catching a certain number of Pokemon for the continuation of the game has already to pay.

The popularity of the application was so great that only a week after the release of American kiLegendary Pictures company announced the purchase of rights to the screen version, based on Pokemon GO. According to Western media, the deal can amount to $ 5 million.

When Pokemon GO will be released in Russia, it is still unknown. A representative of the company-developer Nintendo said that this will happen "soon", and according to the newspaper "Vedomosti" this can happen on July 17. While Pokemon GO slowly conquers Europe - for example, on July 13 a release in Germany took place, and on July 14 - in Great Britain. The reason for such a slow promotion of such a popular game is simple - there is not enough server power. It seems that the creators themselves did not expect that their development would "shoot" around the world.

How to download Pokemon GO

But this does not mean that it is not possible to play in Russia before the 17th day. By and large, the application does not care where you are - it "spreads" the Pokémon around your neighborhood. The official release of the game in Russia has not yet beenSo, if you want to install it on your phone, you have to try a little bit. The application was released only for smartphones on iOS and Android, users of other devices can immediately scroll through this section and wait until better times. Although considering how quickly the "virus" of Pokemon GO spreads out, it will not be long to wait.

So, if you have Android, it's enough to allow in the phone settings to install applications not only from Google Play, and then download the APK-file with the game (for example, from the site APK Mirror) and install it. True, here you need to be very careful: the network has a lot of "fake" Pokemon GO, complete with which is a virus that transfers control of your smartphone into the hands of hackers.

Users & nbsp; iOS is more complicated, but safer. They will have to get an Apple ID in the US App Store without filling in the bank details. However, in this case they are obtained only the application itself (it is free), without updates and the possibility of buyingsomething inside the game. & nbsp;

Curiosities and nightmares of Pokemon GO

The most quickly orientated how to use the game for their own purposes, the representatives of the criminal world. In Missouri, four local residents installed "pokestopy" for catching Pokemon on busy streets and robbing the bewildered Pokemon Go fans. Criminals have calculated criminals, but the history has already dispersed on соцсетям, so that as though the same clever thieves were not found in other countries. & nbsp;

Passion of another kind flared up in New York: New York Post journalists found a young man who, with the help of the game, caught his girlfriend in treason. Since Pokemon GO works through the function of geolocation, it is easy to trace where and when the Pokémon was catching a particular user. That's how the girlfriend Evan Scribner calculated that he went to his ex-girlfriend in Bushvik. & Nbsp;

In Florida, an employee of a local television channel was so carried away by catchingPokemon, that she did not notice how she was in the picture during the demonstration of the weather forecast. Her colleague, however, was not at a loss, and jokingly advised the viewer of the game to be more cautious, and after the air itself, his culprit published an incident record on his Facebook page, signing: "The moment you understand that you are dependent on Pokemon GO .. . "

There were, of course, unpleasant incidents. So Pokemon for these days managed to find in the museums of the Holocaust in Los Angeles and Washington, as well as the Auschwitz Museum in Poland, the National Memorial on September 11 in New York and the memorial of veterans of Vietnam. And with the Washington museum victims of Nazism, the story came out quite ugly: in the hall dedicated to the Jews who died in the gas chambers, some incredibly materialized Pokemon Coffing, consisting of several toxic gases.

Pokemon GO at the highest level

It's no wonder that the epidemic has spread over timeeven politicians. President of Israel Reuven Rivlin on his official website posted a screenshot of the game where Polemone Moyout sits right in his office and provided him with a comic message: "Somebody, call the security service."
Commented on the hysteria around Pokemon GO and the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov. True, in his usual manner: is there any Pokemon in the Kremlin, he does not know, since the game is not yet officially available in Russia, and in general the Kremlin is a self-sufficient tourist attraction, already popular with tourists: "Pokemon is not a reason for the world's treasury culture visit the Kremlin. "

Prohibit can not be left: the reaction in Russia

In Russia, in general, the Pokemon GO is still reacting quite aggressively. Members of the Council under the President of Russia on human rights are already going to impose restrictions on the game that has not yet been published in Russia. They are concerned that "catching Pokémon" will be possible in places of religious significance, in cemeteries, at the objects of state power bodies.

In the west, this issue is solved fairly peacefully: it is enough to contact the company & nbsp; Nintendo, and developers will promptly remove all Pokémon from the object at the request of its owners and block the opportunity to play in this zone. For example, it happened in the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles, where visitors previously noticed the Pokémon in their applications. According to the executive director of the Samara Hatman Museum, the process of getting rid of the space from the Pokémon took less than an hour from the moment of treatment. Pessimists and St. Petersburg Cossacks also aggressively attacked the Pokemon: they believe that the game "smells of Satanism" and intends to send an appeal to ban the game in the FAS, Apple and Rosporteabnadzor.

Perhaps, representatives of transport infrastructure objects reacted most adequately: the press service of the Moscow Metro said that the subway was open for Pokemon catchers, but asked not to forgetbut at Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg, the number of "posts" and training grounds for Pokémon was already calculated: there were five and two of them on the territory of the airport, respectively. In addition, the official Koltsovo Facebook page says that an unusually large number of Pokémon has been seen at the airport. Therefore, come early, dear Pokemon catchers, most importantly, do not miss the flight of your flight.