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We defeat aerophobia: quests, flight simulators and other ways to get rid of fear of aircraft

Aerophobia in the 21st century may become a big problem for an active person. Foreign trips, business trips around the country, the ability to quickly move from one city to another, not spending the night on trains and not shaking in a car - all this is not available if you are afraid to fly. The Internet is full of ads of psychologists who promise to wean us to be afraid of planes, and charlatans offering to defeat aerophobia with conspiracies or some exotic drugs. But we've found better options for you.

According to statistics, the aircraft is the safest mode of transport in the world. According to experts, your chance to get into a plane crash with a fatal outcome is one per 45 million. This means that even if you fly daily, then you need to live more than one hundred thousand years to be guaranteed to crash in one of the flights. & nbsp; For comparisonYour chances of dying in a car accident are 62 times higher.

Did not convince? Let's turn to the advice of psychologists. To begin with, try to take your mind off the upcoming flight and do not "wind" yourself. The worst thing that an aerophobic can come up with is to read the news tape about accidents or see a catastrophe movie - then a panic attack is almost inevitable. Before planting, you can drink a mild sedative (for example a valerian tablet or motherwort), and also - to take in a fascinating book. On it, unlike the movie, you can distract yourself before takeoff, and just do not notice how they were in the air.

If this does not help, try a radical method: psychologists advise aerofobs to survive the "catastrophe" and make sure that even out of this situation there is a way out. Of course, not really, so as not to expose your life to danger, but in virtual reality or, for example, in the quest in reality, where the feeling that all this is happening to you in reality will bethe most complete due to not only visual and auditory, but also tactile sensations.

For example, the classic of the genre is the game " Quest. Puzzles. Aircraft. Hour . "Questria quest-project. Your team will be in an unguided plane at an altitude of 10 thousand meters. You have to find the caches in the cabin, master the pilot's profession and cope with the freelance situation on board. The scenery of the quest is collected from items from a real airplane, so you will have a complete sense of the reality of what is happening. After such an hour on board, you are unlikely to be afraid to fly an ordinary quiet flight.

Another quest, similar to the scenario for the previous one - " Presidential Flight " from RealQuest . The only difference is the status of the aircraft itself and passengers on board. During the flight over the Bermuda triangle, you found that the whole teammysteriously disappeared, and the autopilot headed for a major metropolis. Your life is against the lives of thousands of people - the choice is obvious. But how to disconnect the system and send the aircraft to the ocean? This quest can be and will not help to defeat aerophobia, but the atmosphere of the board # 1 is worth it to descend.

If you are afraid of not getting out of the plane after an emergency landing, go to the quest " Air crash in the jungle < / a> ". According to the story of the creators - the project iQUESTrium - your flight made an emergency landing in the jungle, and only a few passengers remained alive - you and your team. You have to find a way to open the locked door to get out of the plane. The decorators have worked for the glory: for the realism in the quest meets the tropical view from the windows, the soundtrack and the inclined floor.

September 9, 2011 - after this black date, many of those who previously did not suffer from aerophobia, began fightingto fly. Now, if time could be reversed and prevent a terrible tragedy & hellip; In the quests in reality, it became possible: the scenario " Flight 9/11 " from the company Questreality, based on & nbsp; events in Washington and New York, gives you this unique opportunity. The airplane decorators were made small - just for three rows of seats, but the cockpit in which the main part of the quest passes is recreated in full size, so during the game you will be able to study all the instruments on the control panel of the liner. And not only to study, but also to understand how they work - you in fact need not only to neutralize the terrorists, but also to land the plane and save its passengers.

The quests in reality are not convinced? Or maybe you are not afraid to fly, but always dreamed of getting into flight school? The pilots do not take everyone, but anyone can learn to learn how to operate a huge Boeing or Airbus. For this innovators sphere of entertainment decided to let in simulator-cabin airliners, which are used to train pilots in flight schools, all comers. There is such an inexpensive entertainment - the price for short sessions starts from two thousand rubles, and 60 minutes of virtual piloting will cost from four thousand and more.

The sensation of reality in such a simulator is complete: the aircraft feels vibrations of the aircraft and vibration, and even the sound of engines is heard. During the time of any, even a small 15-minute session, the "pilot" will take off, piloting and landing. Here, even the largest aerophobe will be imbued with a love of flying. Or, at least, will begin to trust the pilots who "flew" on such a simulator not one hour before they sit at the helm of this aircraft.