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How to get away from computer games: ways to return the player to reality

Dependence on computer games psychologists around the world have long been considered a disease. Many gamblers spend hours, and even a day, not looking up from the computer, even for food and sleep, not to mention communication with loved ones. But, despite the widespread attention to this problem, every day "computer addicts" is becoming more and more. The main reason is the lack of adequate methods of combating this kind of dependence.

In Russia, many parents or spouses believe that the best way to tear your native person away from the game is to take his computer from him. Unfortunately, they forget that the obsessive desire to go into the virtual world is due to unresolved problems and a lack of communication in everyday life, so other "drugs" will inevitably come to the place of computer games - well, if in quotes.

But this does not mean that if anyonesomething from your family and friends "hooked" on shooting games or strategy, you need to drop your hands and give him the opportunity to disappear in virtual reality as much as you like. True, shock therapy is not appropriate here - you need to separate a person from your computer gradually. Try to show him that life in the real world can be as interesting as on the other side of the screen.

Lovers of computer strategy Warcraft will appreciate the invitation to the eponymous film, the action of which takes place in this gaming universe. Two hours away from the computer (plus time on the road to the cinema), but with your favorite characters on the screen will not be a shock even for the most inveterate "computer addict", and a person far from the World of Warcraft will surely like a plot in the spirit of fantasy and first-class special effects.

The regular online game - a tank simulator World of Tanks, you can try to lure to a training ground with real tanks. And if you have enoughand financial opportunities - then even ride them. The price of the question is from 5 to 12 thousand rubles for the skating of one person in the group, depending on the package of services and the duration of the trip. To drive a car, of course, will be a professional tankman, but still there will be a lot of impressions, and after the trip you can arrange a photosession on a tank in real headphones.

If a person plays mostly in shooters - in other words, shooting games - invite him to spend time with friends in the laser tag club. Instead of pneumatics, as in paintball, they use automatic blasters, similar to the weapons of the heroes of computer games. Yes, and the playground - closed, and more often, located in the room, like the entourage of classic shooters.

Fallout fans and STALKER boldly guide to the quests in reality. Benefit quests based on these and other computer games , more recently, more and more people are discovering the atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic Earth or the Chernobyl zone, and the writers and are based on the plot of the game, always add something to it.

Quests in reality are perfect for getting rid of other types of gambling, for example, depending on computer quests and strategies. In questsums, the head works the same as & nbsp; in front of the screen, but it remains an opportunity to communicate with real, not virtual friends, and after such a full emotion of the game, your friend is unlikely to immediately run for the computer without discussing the past hour with his team.