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Inexpensive quests: anti-crisis solution

A good game does not have to be expensive, the creators of these quests are sure in reality. Therefore, the economic crisis is no longer an excuse to give up your favorite entertainment. It is generally accepted that quests in reality are usually quite an expensive treat. But if you try, you can find and those that are quite comparable in price with a ticket to the cinema, and even a glass of coffee from Starbucks. The main thing is to know where to look.

In this article, we have prepared a review of the best inexpensive quests. They got excellent feedback from the players, but you can visit them for a penny. The secret is to choose the right time or to collect a large team, dividing the cost equally for all participants. So, 17 quests, which will cost you no more than 500 rubles per person. & Nbsp;

Playing with time

Many organizers of quests use the principle of dynamic pricing: in unpopular time or day of the week the game will cost less than usual. Basically, the fluctuations turn out to be insignificant (1-2 thousand discounts for the whole team), but sometimes you can get a really popular quest literally for a penny. For example, a night session on the script " Mission" Orion "" Serious games "will cost you 1500 rubles, against 3500-4500 in the "peak" time. So if you are an owl and at one o'clock in the morning are still not bad at all, do not miss this opportunity!

& nbsp; " The Secret of the Manor " from iluzio became famous throughout the country due to the unusual location: the quest is located in the building of the former House of Culture, really remotely resembling an ancient estate. Now you can come there with a team of five people for only 2 thousand rubles. True, only on the floordelniki.

400 rubles per person - the minimum price of the game in the Labyrinth " Cage " by the company "Moslabirint". For such a price (in a team of 5 people) you can get to the game on weekdays for sessions at 9:15 and 10:30. In the "top" time, the price of this entertainment comes to a thousand rubles per person, so the discount is very significant.

If you are willing to pay 500 rubles per person per game, the choice of scenarios becomes much wider. « Professor Voodoo " quest project "Immersion" on weekdays can be booked for 2 thousand per game (maximum 4 people per team), extravaganza of electronic locks and puzzles " Behind the edge " and the high-tech " Portal < / a>"From" Roskvest "go to 2500 rubles for a team of five people. The same prices for quests for five " ghost photo lab " and " Mail of the Future " from Questrum.rf. In 2.5 thousand will cost players and the quest " Prison " of the company Room story, only the team can be for one person more - a maximum of six.

If you planned a family outlet, for only 2 thousand you can go to the games of the project "Quests": " Saw " (with teenagers), " Baby and Carlson " (with kids) and " The secret of the abandoned house ". The team consists of 2 to 5 people, but there are a maximum of four adults. & nbsp;

A large company is cheaper

Some quests can get by "cheaper" if you assemble a large company. The standard price - 2500 thousand rubles per game - in this case is divided not by 4 people, & nbsp; as usual, but 8, and even 10 players. For example, the quest " Caribbean gambit from Enigma-club can be done with ten men, and it's worth noting "Top" time only 4 thousand rubles: that is, 400 rubles per person - as a ticket to the cinema. The game is 70 minutes and has very high ratings, so you definitely will not regret it!

And the quest " Beginning: confrontation ", in which one team is divided into two, which play against each other, and at all costs on weekdays from 3 to 3.5 thousand rubles. The maximum number of participants is 10 people, so if you goon weekdays with a full staff, it turns out that only 300 rubles per person.

In the same price category, for one person, quests for six players, which cost 2500 rubles per session. & nbsp; For example, " Inquisition " from the quester Rabbit hole (price on weekdays for sessions from 10:10 to 14: 40). This quest will take you to the Middle Ages: you have to release your comrade from the torture chamber of the Inquisition who was sentenced to be burned for sorcery. If you do not like historical topics, choose another game from the same questmaker - City of Sins a> "- investigation of the case of the murder of a private detective.

Mini quests.

Mini quests are quite popular entertainment in the West and Asia. They are brought to corporate parties, built in universities, equippedThey are driving in vans to carry them to different cities. In Russia, this format of quests in reality is only beginning to develop: short, for 15-20 minutes of the session, which, however, emotionally in no way inferior to a full hour game.

In Moscow, you can play mini-quests in the framework of the project " Arcade " "Claustrophobia". The duration of one game session is 15-20 minutes, but such games in the stamps of one route can go up to 20! Gather a small team - 2-3 people, and forward, how much will have the strength and budget. The cost of the game per person is from 250 to 350 rubles for one mini-quest. & nbsp;