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On the quest with parents

In our country, quests are generally considered a youth entertainment, but this does not mean that players older than forty such pastime seem uninteresting. In the West, lovers of intellectual games have long mastered quests in reality as an exciting event for the whole family and lead there, including their adult parents, aunts and even grandmothers. If you choose the right script, they will not be bored, and you, quite possibly, will learn about the hidden talents of your relatives and look at your old relatives and friends with fresh eyes.

First of all, we sweep away all horror and action games: maniacs jumping around the corner are unlikely to contribute to your family relationships, and the need to climb, run and squeeze somewhere can become a serious obstacle for the older generation. Quests-robberies and scenarios "escape from prison" is also better thanTo proceed for the next time, as well as high-tech quests, unless, of course, your future teammates themselves are asking for something newfangled, with robots, gadgets and spaceships.

It would seem that there are hundreds of scenarios to choose from, but in reality everything may not be so simple: somewhere it all spoils the plot of fantasy books that parents hardly read. Somewhere you need to understand modern cinema well. And somewhere the script writers treated the Soviet legacy too freely, and it's definitely not necessary to lead parents who are nostalgic for the USSR in such a questrum. All quests that can be visited with parents are collected in the special section of our website . But there are several querums that are worth noting as the most appropriate.

A win-win option is a classic adventure quest, in which you will have to search the room in search of hiding places, solve puzzles and riddles. NaprImer, " Secrets of the Old Theater " from CityQuest: a neutral script, beautiful scenery and interesting, But no mysterious riddles will surely please your parents. In " ghost labs " of Questrum.rf company they will be able to remember their youth by digging into Soviet film cameras. & nbsp; Classic escape-quest " Travel agency" Albatros "" Claustrophobia "is also suitable for adult players. In addition, it is designed for beginners, so tasks will not be difficult, and puzzles - logical.

A detective quest is a good solution, especially if the script is based on classic works of the genre, like a series of short stories about Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. For example, the quest "Claustrophobia" " Baker Street, 221 B ": the classic scenery of England in the second half of the XIX century and the familiar plot will surely please everyone who stared at the films with Vasily Livanov. "The variant is simpler: the quest" Save Sherlock! "from World Of Quests .There is, however, a task with a computer, so count the strength of your team .

Historical stories are also good, but you need to choose them meticulously. Before booking a quest, read the script and remember what your relatives say about this period. It is hardly worthwhile to conduct in the cabinet of Khrushchev fierce anti-Sovieters or save Chernobyl with the real liquidators of the accident at the nuclear power plant - it's only will return them bad memories. But there are also neutral topics, for example, the Patriotic War of 1812, during which, according to the scenario, the events of the quest " Dungeons of the Moscow Kremlin " project IV dimension.

And, finally, another good option: quests based on your favorite books and movies. " Manuscripts do not burn " from the organizer "Labyrinth of Memory" - this is the revived Naughty apartment from " Masters and Margaritas ", in which there was a place and a primus, and even a Cat-Behemoth. Quest very accurately reproduces the Bulgakov atmosphere, so even the real fans of the writer's works will like it. Game " 12 chairs " from PartyQuest is a continuation of the adventures of the great combinator Ostap Bender, with which the players it is necessary to go hunting for chairs with treasures sewn in them.

The main thing, whatever you choose, remember that the quest is a team entertainment. Therefore, if you rush to solve all the puzzles yourself or you will look contemptuously at how parents dig into the simplest puzzlee, fun family entertainment you just will not work. & nbsp;