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Winter quests in reality

Autumn in the yard, the thermometer has already approached the zero mark and is about to step over it. If the winter and snow seem to you a nightmare after a hot summer, and you can not go to warm countries for the next six months, the frosty quests will help you to adapt to the temperature drops. Believe me, those who survive on & nbsp; Arctic station, no city winter will be a burden any more. & nbsp;

What? "Polar Station" < br> Where? Moscow
Who? Claustrophobia
Hurricane caught you on an expedition to the south pole. We can wait out the bad weather and contact the ground at the station of the polar explorers, but it has been abandoned for many years, and the equipment does not work. This small quest, designed for 1-2 players, made so realistic that the participants even give out the sheepskin coats so that they do not freeze in the room, and one of the key tasks of the quest is just to warm up, and not to freeze your noses and fingers. This quest will be more pleasant for young people and girls who are interested in technology: repairing a radio station without having any idea of ​​the device of electronic devices, it can still be difficult.

What? " North Pole »
Where? Moscow
Who? Quest Park "Harlequin"
Icicles on the ceiling, the remains of stewed meat "Polar" in the boxes - this is the last stronghold of scientists in the Arctic, and now he faces a terrible danger. The ice floe on which the polar station stood was cracked, and your life, and with it the fate of a significant part of humanity, was in your hands. In an hour the stationwill go to the bottom, and the global consequences of the movement of ice can no longer be prevented. The scenery here is simpler than in the quest "Claustrophobia", but you can come from a company of 4-5 people - there's enough room for everyone. & Nbsp;

What? " Arctic station "
Where? St. Petersburg
Who? Project Ingame
If you want to get to an arctic station made in the best traditions of quests in reality, and option to participate only 1-2 players, as in "Claustrophobia", you do not like, go to St. Petersburg. There the guys from the project Ingame did the quest no worse, and in it, unlike the Moscow, can participate up to 6 people at a time. Organizers also use temperature and audio effects, so to believe that the real snow storm will not be difficult outside the window. & Nbsp;

What? " Ice people "
Where? Togliatti
Who? Quest-in-reality
This quest is based on the novel of the Norwegian writer Margit Sandem "The Saga of the Ice People", not very well-known in Russia, but it will be interesting not only to those who read the original book, but also all interested in the mysterious people of the north and their customs.The team will have to immerse themselves in the world of shamans and spirits to help the descendants of the Ice Men to defeat the evil sorcerer. Provincial design (the requisite in this quest is made much lu more than the scenery), is compensated for by an unusual storyline and interesting puzzles. & nbsp;

What? « Choose from the" Ice Cuba »
Where? Sochi
Who? SochiKvest
Surely you've heard about a sport like curling: it became incredible popular in Russiath Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The SochiKvest sports quest, which is located right in the Olympic Park, will help you learn more about how the game is going and what difficulties athletes have on their way to victory. The only way to get out of the artificial ice hall is to win this match, but your coach was disqualified, and all that you have is the clues he left in the locker room. & Nbsp;

What? " Polar Station »
Where? Penza
Who? The best quest
And finally another winter quest, which, according to the organizers, will open its doors in the near future time. At the station at the north pole, right after the ice storm, the main generator went down. The reserve will last only for an hour, after which you risk freezing to death from the cold. The creators promise that the participants will be able to feel themselves in the role of realx polar explorers, therefore, most likely, the quest will use temperature effects. We are waiting with impatience, what will happen?