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The best mystical quests for Halloween

The eve of All Saints Day, according to the beliefs, is the time of evil spirits. Only once a year, the souls of the dead can return to earth, and with them the witches and sorcerers gain immense power. Yes, it's about Halloween, which is celebrated all over the world on the night of October 31 to November 1. As soon as it gets dark in the street, the children put on costumes and masks, take Jack's lantern in their hands: a pumpkin with a grinning face and a candle carved on it inside, and go home to beg for sweets from scared citizens. Such entertainments are practiced mainly in English-speaking countries, but recently they have gained popularity in Russia, so we do not surprise anyone with rumpled pumpkins in our streets. But what if, from the age of walking around the flats for candy, you have already left, and you want to celebrate the holiday all the same? Miss on the next themed party? & Nbsp; Not necessarily, if there is an ideal Halloween occupation - quest in reality. & nbsp;

Spending time with friends, experiencing real emotions and fighting evil spirits - that's what you need to do on the most witch's night of the year!

Visit the witch

Halloween is the best occasion to visit a witch. But whether you can get out of her hut, especially on such a night, no predictor will tell you. A magic ball and spirit board await you in the quest " House of the Witch " "Claustrophobia." The team's task is to get into the bewitched witch's house and steal from her the magic elixir, which is stored in a secret room, but how to get into it is only known by the witch herself and no other living soul. Quest is not too terrible, but colorful - the creators paid much attention to detail, for example, the components of magical potions in the sideboard of a witch, so Halloween mood is assured to you. WitheredChicken legs and bunches of grasses under the ceiling await you and in another quest-hut " The Curse of the Witch " Quest666 ». In the old house, which for centuries keeps the secrets of a whole host of witches, you will find (and maybe you will not find, here as lucky) hiding places, in which the sorcerous treasures of hereditary charmers are kept.

Haunted houses

If you prefer a story about ghosts, feel free to go to " Ghost House " Claustrophobia ». This is a stylish and not very difficult quest for beginners, in which just the very time: and fear, and puzzles, and scenery. For mysticism unusual unusual effects are responding to this, so the feeling that there really is something otherworldly in the house will persecute you persistently. And if you want to get a shock dose of adrenaline, welcome to " Haunted Mansion by World Of Quests, this quest is considered a horror genre - sometimes it becomes so scary that players ask for a stop word and an opportunity It's a performance, so the atmosphere is created by the actors, and they are the masters of their business in this project.

Sorcerers and Demons

Are you more interested in demons and curses? Then welcome to " Secrets of the Middle Ages " - one of the most rated Moscow quests from the company "Serious games". In the scenery of a real medieval castle (stone walls, and real stained-glass windows - everything as it really is, decorators have tried to glory), you will shoot an ancient family curse that has not allowed your family to live peacefully for many centuries. The main charm of the quest - a luxury props, which creators have not stinted. It's even better thana real medieval castle, because here there is something to do, except looking at the armor and antiquities.

And those who are not afraid of demons, the project "Immersion" invites to the quest " Demonology " this is a rather terrible location, which really impresses even the sophisticated lovers of mysticism. From here you will leave the experts of the other world and for a long time will come to your senses. Moscow of the XXI century, after full immersion in the magical reality, it seems a miserable scenery, hiding a different, dangerous and mysterious world.

Happy Halloween!