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Best quests for bachelorette party

The ideal hen party is not necessarily a drunken gathering in a bar with girlfriends, a stripper in police uniforms and vulgar contests. If you want to arrange your girlfriend's ideal farewell to a single life, go to the quest in reality: this adventure will be remembered for a long time. And the consequences, such as a hangover and a cast-iron head on a wedding morning, will not come from such a bachelorette. And we'll help you choose the right game specifically for this case.

From horror-performances and quests-thrillers on the eve of the wedding is better to refuse. Firstly, the bride already has enough excitement before this crucial day. & Nbsp; And secondly, in such quests, participants often fall somewhere and can get hurt about something, and bruises and broken nails before the wedding you to anything. If you still want to tickle your nerves, go to Labyrintharium ": this quest is a labyrinth with an area of ​​about 1000 square meters, in which there will be not only riddles and rebuses, but also a monster from which you can escape, or you can try to agree with him You will not need to use physical strength in the quest, so the manicure will remain in full safety, but such an active game is a great way to relieve tension and put your energy into the game channel.

Claustrophobic quest " Cinema of oblivion is suitable for fans of relatively quiet intellectual entertainments." Here you can bring up to eight people - the organizers will break them into two teams that will play the game, interacting with each other. The quest is also a little scary, but perhaps a little bit: you have to save the world from the mad scientists who equipped the building of an abandoned cinema with a laboratory for creating psychotropic gases. You are not Do you want the bride and groom to forget each other right before the wedding? Spectacular scenery in the best traditions of "Claustrophobia", an unusual script that will help you find out how well you and your friends understand each other without words: an unforgettable evening is provided for you.

Fantasy lovers will like the quest based on the popular series "The Game of Thrones" and the series of novels "The Song of Ice and Flame" by George Martin - " Game of Thrones: The Castle of the King " Quest Project "Vyhod." In exciting adventures in medieval decorations, up to 12 people can take part at the same time: there are enough places for all bridesmaids. As a pleasant bonus to those who have successfully coped with all the tasks, the organizers are allowed to arrange a small photo session on the legendary Iron throne. As they say, to whom the bride, and to whom the Mother of Dragons.

Do you prefer to look to the future? Then differentStum for the hen party can be the quest " Mission:" Crew "of the project" Mars Station ". According to the story, the Mars-Tefo Corporation, in the framework of the program for the colonization of Mars, is gathering an experimental mixed crew consisting of people and biorobots, which will master the red planet. A huge game space (at the same time up to 40 people can participate in the game) fully corresponds to modern ideas about how the outpost of mankind on other planets should look: complete sterility, all around the whole electronics and, despite all these precautions, there must be some kind of freelance situation. Here with it to you also it is necessary to understand.

A wedding in a mafia style, it may be too much, but a bachelorette party is just right. Quest " Mafia: a game of survival " is designed for 8 players and reproduces the atmosphere in detail old Angbeginning of the twentieth century. In addition to logical tasks in the game there are elements of the performance, so you have to come together in an intellectual battle with a living opponent. A stylish and elegant quest will surely be remembered by the bride for a long time and will set the whole company to a mischievous mood.

A more reserved option: the quest " VIP-hall of the casino " & nbsp; from the famous cycle of games about the robbery of Jack Creighton Casino project Exit.am. Here you have to perform one of the stages of the mission "Casino" - to break the jackpot to get a check for cashing out the winnings and get close to the repository. To do this, you need to distract an alert croupier whose task is not to let you get a big jackpot. The charming girls have much more chances. After all, even the most attentive croupier is also a man. It can be talked, amused, fascinated. So turn your charm to the full! & Nbsp; The stakes are very high, and if you stop keeping the croupier's attention - The mission is failed.

And if you still want a real bachelorette party, with all its traditional elements - go to the Strip- club »project Friday the 13th. The future husband and his best men can safely say that you will go to the quest in reality - and do not lie. You will play the role of agents under cover, who must investigate the mysterious murder that occurred in this hall the day before. But the stripper will also be - usually the organizers put on the actress-girl, but for a purely female company provides an exclusive option "boy stripper." Immediately warn - the quest is not for shy, and striptease in it - the most that neither is the present. Such a bachelorette party will be remembered by all the participants, and the groom's friends will be envious.