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Lifkhaki in quests, which the organizers are silent about

Creators of the quests in reality provided for players a lot of additional opportunities. But not many teams, especially beginners, know about this. We have collected for you five of the most interesting additional options that will make the trip to the quest even more exciting.

See how a different team plays

If you came to the quest with a big company of friends and booked two games in a row, some administrators agree to let players from the first team into the operator's office to observe how their friends will cope with the tasks. Judging by the feedback on the forums, such a service is in the horror " Stone desires ", in all quests of the project " Captured , as well as the performance" Collector " "Claustrophobia", so ask the administrators. The main thing is that the observer himself has previously passed the same scenario. And in the quest " Amnesia " from Party Hard you can even parrot your friends along with the leader.

Watch a video of your & nbsp; passing

Of course, to take the movie home you no one will give - suddenly you put it on the Internet, and zaspuylerite the script to other potential players. But this does not mean that you will not be able to see how you played. Some quests offer the service of videotaping a session, followed by viewing with the operator. For example, administrators " Go for 61 minutes " will happily show you the video of your game after its end and discuss the most inTrivial moments.

Hide gift in quest

Want to please the birthday boy who goes to the game with you? And maybe to make his girlfriend an unusual offer of a hand and a heart? Many organizers offer to hide a gift in one of the hiding places, the key to which you will search during the passage of the quest in reality. For example, such a service, quite officially, is available for the quest project " WAY ", as well as in the many regional units of "Claustrophobia."

Take a picture in the scenery of the quest

Usually, photography takes place against the background of a special banner in the foyer of the location, so as not to disclose the secrets of the quest to future players. Sometimes administrators take out some props to make the photo more atmospheric. But it happens that the creators are allowed to take a picture directly in the scenery (for example, those who alreadywhether "shone" on the promo-photo). Ask permission to make a photo shoot in the quests " House upside down or stolen time " of the company "Games Reason "and" Secrets of the Middle Ages "" Serious games. " True, note, in some quvestums, this service may be paid: for example, the company "Questmakers" donates its scenery for thematic photo sessions.

Increase the difficulty of the quest

If you plan to visit horror, at the time of booking, carefully study the site of the organizer: many of them offer several levels of "scary" and "complexity" during the passage of the quest. By default, you are most likely to put the easiest, but if you are already an experienced quaestoman, then you can quite easily choose a scenario worse, and riddles are more complicated. The main thing is to warn in advance about this operator when booking.