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Quiz: a new format for intelligent games

Photo: quizplease.ru

An old good quiz or a fundamentally new format of entertainment? In the world of intellectual games a new word has appeared: quiz. Let's understand what it means, and why this genre is gaining frenzied popularity in Russia.

What is Quiz

Quiz (from English "quiz" & mdash; task, question) is a team-based intellectual game in which participants answer questions from a wide range of fields of knowledge, from nuclear physics to history literature. & nbsp; Very similar to "What? Where? When? "Or even the" Brain Ring ", only the teams in the quiz participate significantly more, and the number of players in each can vary from 4 to 10 people, depending on the rules of the particular organizer.

The task of the participants is a demonstrationHis logic, mindfulness and erudition. Although questions are usually not related to exact knowledge (for example, the date of the birth of a historical figure), they require a certain level of education, without which there will be simply nothing to build logical reasoning.

Interestingly, quizes, like quests in reality, "came out" of computer games. Initially, the fans so shortened the name of the popular online computer quiz with elements of the strategy "Conquiztador", in which you need to score points for the correct answers to various difficult questions.

How it's played

The game is divided into several rounds (usually two or three) in each of which the organizers pre-declare a certain number of questions in advance (again, usually 20-25 - there is no single standard). Answers are written on the form for 1 minute, and the winner is determined by the number of points scored, which are given only for the correct answers.

Quit commands can be usedas many as you like, but not less than two. Usually the organizers dial up to 10 teams, since a larger game is very difficult to provide technically - read out all the questions, then check the correct answers and count the points.

If the game is for money, then in addition to the entrance fee (the organizational fee), players give the agreed amount in advance to the prize pool that the bank makes up. As a result of the game, he is picked up by a winning team.

How much does it cost and how to find the game

In Russia, this entertainment is not so popular as, for example, quests in reality. Nevertheless, in the capital you can easily find more than thirty permanent quiz-clubs, which play games on a regular basis, and on the Internet even appeared aggregator of quizzes .

Most clubs play games once a week, participation costs from 300 to 500 rubles per person. But many at the same time those or other prizes, which at a cost can significantly exceed this amount: for example, the quiz "Dum-doom" & nbsp; gives the winners certificates for 1000 rubles in & nbsp; cafe "32.05" in the Hermitage garden, where the game is played. In addition, some quizzes make discounts to students.

Please note that to participate in the quiz, you need to pre-record and you will have to collect the team yourself - that is, despite the fact that payment in kvizah is called "per capita", & nbsp; you need to come with friends.