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Quests in Japan: from the room to the stadium

Japan is called the birthplace of escape queues. It was there that in 2007, Takao Kato, a Japanese, discovered one of their first Real Escape Games. They say that there was one game earlier, in 2006 in Silicon Valley, but whatever it was, it was from Japan that the quests began their triumphal march across the planet. SCRAP, founded by Takao Kato, is now the leader in the market of quests in Tokyo and conducts large-scale events that most of the Western world has not yet dreamed of. Therefore, in order to understand how this direction of the entertainment industry will develop, we will look into the Land of the Rising Sun.

Classic escape quests

The capital of Japan offers only a few quests for fans of the classic "room" format - here the quest for a quest with friends is not as popular as in Russia. There are, for example, Obaken Haunted Mansion - a quest based on horror films, in which spirits and zombie parties are held. On ordinary days, the quest offers four missions: red, blue, yellow and green, which take place in a room built on the principle of a labyrinth, and differ in difficulty levels.

It's not so easy to get to Obaken Haunted Mansion - the booking for a month starts in the middle of the previous one, and very soon all the time the teams that have bought tickets are very busy. In addition to regular missions, you can go to quest parties, for example, based on the series "Walking Dead" or the script "Night in a hotel full of zombies." The cost of the visit for the first time is 1700 yen for adults and 1100 for children and includes instruction. For those who have already been to Obaken Haunted and know the rules, prices are slightly lower - 1400 and 800 yen per game, respectively.

Classic English esqueip quest based on Sherlock Holmes also is quite popular in Japan , true, with local flavor: desperate detectives will need to understand the mysterious disappearance of the beautiful bride right before the wedding, immersed in the atmosphere of Japan 1000 years ago. Or go to the role of the samurai, which should prevent an attempt by the insidious killer on the shogun. The third scenario is especially unusual: you will get to the masters of Zen, who will give you tasks so that you can achieve enlightenment. In 90 minutes of the game, which mainly consists of intellectual puzzles and puzzles, you will have to pay 7,500 yen for the whole team.

Stadium Games