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Quests with Eyes Closed

According to scientists, from 80 to 90 percent of all information an ordinary person receives with the help of vision. It's no wonder that being with your eyes closed in an unfamiliar place is already an adventure for us, & nbsp; and the fear of losing the opportunity to see for many turns into an obsessive nightmare. To get rid of him, and, at the same time, to understand what blind people have to do, you can in quests in reality, the creators of which & nbsp; invented how to make the rest of your senses "work full".

First of all, of course, pay attention to quests that take place in a dark room. For example, the action games of the project "In the Dark": this is a huge dark labyrinth full of mysteries, hiding places and traps, and also unexpected characters, some of which frighten players, and others help them to pass the script. True, total darkness awaits you only in the classical scenario, and in games " VTEMNOTE 2.0 " and "VTEMNOTE 3.0" use light and sound effects, but most of the game it still feels touching.

Similar games are conducted by ExitGames: they have projects "Hide and Seek in the Dark" and " Hide and Seek 2.0 ", In which the players also have to act mostly in touch. To the adventure passed without health consequences, the participants wear protective helmets: and forward, to the room full of antique furniture and strange hiding places. Do not worry, the organizers preliminarily beat all the angles with a soft cloth, so the room is safe even for small players.

Another "hide-and-seek" scenario " Bloomers " of the company "Immersion": this is the same running around in the dark with traps and actors, only in the post-apocalyptic spirit. Grab you from around the corner will be zombies, and decowalkies in questrum create an atmosphere of the end of the world, so get ready to get a dose of adrenaline and do not take too shy friends. The room is not full of darkness, a frightening semi-darkness, but much still have to do by touch.

& nbsp; Another scenario for the quest " Darkness ": this is rather a training for trust , than an adventure in the spirit of computer games. You need to play the game together: one person enters an absolutely dark room with night vision cameras, and the other - into the camera room, from which he must guide the actions of the first. This quest helps to understand how difficult it is to navigate in the space of a blind person or try to help him: the participants admit that the biggest problem is to describe the distance to the object or wall when the person in the room can not see anything.

A less extreme way to test your senses is the quest " In search of the sixth sense " from "Galakvest." It is perfect for families with children, and will help parents explain to babies what is sense of touch and smell Bright, though a bit sham decorations and simple tasks will help you to learn how to use all five sense organs "in full", and maybe even find the most mysterious sixth sense without which you will not be able to get out of the room. >

Similar quest for adults - " Another World " of the charitable project "Hawking", which lists profit in the charity fund to support the deafblind "Co-Unity". The creators of this questrum originally set out to help participants understand what people are deprived of sight or hearing, so all quests are designed to "break" the usual pattern of perception and make players feel the reality of the other wayssobom. But do not be scared: in the "Other world" everything is very logical and understandable, & nbsp; so you should not have problems with the passage of the quest.

And, finally, the most unusual project from this cycle: quests " Morpheus ", Which pass through blindly, and visualization of space and game reality is due to hearing, touch, smell and even taste, if you dare. And in such conditions you will not just have to study the surrounding reality, but play, and acting as one team and adapting to the changing situation. In general, to describe in words it is rather difficult, it is necessary to try. Most of all, "Morpheus" is similar not to a game, but to a fantasy world transmitted in the feelings of a blind person.