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Quests for which it is worth to go to the province

In Moscow, there are already more than a thousand different quests in reality, over which about a hundred organizers of quest rooms have worked. The variety of scenarios, expensive scenery that the capital businessmen can afford - all this not only makes the Moscow questmen very choosy, but also allows them to look leniently at provincials who have a choice from the strength of several dozen quest rooms. And very much in vain, because in many Russian cities there are quests that are better than other Moscow, and even even the world level. We collected for you several quorums in different parts of our country, who collected the most positive feedback from the players and have the highest ratings of critics. For their sake it is worth to wind down on the weekend outside the Moscow Ring Road: we have no doubt that you will not regret it!

What? Quest in reality" Mirrors "
Where? St. Petersburg
Who? Project-organizer« Rabbit Hole »

Mystic horror quest of a high level of complexity with unusual special effects and non-standard puzzles.It's worth it to go at least for the sake of an unexpected finale, which was written for the players by writers.The scenery is executed at the highest level, and the plot is thought over to trifles. In case you have difficulty with the passage of the quest, remember that you can always take hints - the local leader in this case is a pro. It's really scary, although it does not seem so in description, so think before you book the game and pack your bags, do you have any nerves in your team?

What? Quest-performance" Call "
Where? Kazan
Who? Quest Project Hysterics

This performance made a furor even in the jaded quests in the reality of Kazan. The secret of success: competent scenery, an interesting script and a professional actress, which brings the participants of the game literally to panic attacks. The story of the quest repeats the film of the same name in many respects: you will have a killer cartridge in your hands, and in order to save yourself from imminent death you have to get into the house where the girl from the video of Samara Morgan was killed and find out what happened here many years ago. Players who have already passed the quest write that the atmosphere of horror was held throughout the game, so the adrenaline rush is guaranteed to you. & Nbsp;

What? Quest "Mind Games"
Where? Volgograd
Who? Quest project "Square"

Have you ever been in an absolutely empty quest -room? Here you go, and in the room there is literally nothing and it is unclear how to start the game? It was this quest that the guys from the "Square" project in Volgograd built, and there are no analogues in Russia yet. This is a great place for those who like analytical problems and non-standard scenarios.

What? Quest "The Deadly Number"
Where? Ekaterinburg
Who? Project-organizer "House of Fears"

Atmospheric Quest "Deadly Number" is held in the house of circus the Spencer Dynasty: the brothers Charlie and Richerd will present you their new program, which they prepared after the mysterious death of their parents. This is a classic horror, which, usually, Muscovites do not surprise, but it is made so qualitatively and beautifully that many capital quest-makers should have learned. The unpredictable finale adds to the game of witticism, but you do not have to strain your head too much - the game is thought out so that the team has no doubts about where to goand what to do.

Quest " Elementum »
Where? Nizhny Novgorod
Who? Project« Timeout »

The time machine, experiments with which conducted one mad scientist, carried him to the unknown past. You have to go through the tracks of this genius and find out where he went after all. An interactive quest with a lot of mechanical puzzles will appeal to those who like non-standard moves and solutions. Perhaps, this is one of the best incarnations of the plot about the time machine in the country. Riddles are matched with intelligence, artifacts and scenery are stylized into five: excellent ratings for this quest-room are put even by the gurus, who have more than a dozen quests behind them.