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Quests against stress

Residents of modern megacities no longer need to accumulate negative energy or beat home utensils in vain for nothing: now you can relieve stress in quests in reality and special rooms that are called junk in youth jargon. In most quests physical force is forbidden, but not here: here the organizers give players the opportunity to show the strength of the brave and to whip everything around. If, of course, enough strength.

Asylum 13
The first quest of the project is "Claustrophobia", in which it is officially allowed to use physical force in order to get out of the room. Another thing is that it is unlikely to particularly help you: without logic and ingenuity with this quest can not cope. The decorations are made in the style of the post-apocalyptic bunkера (designers were clearly inspired by the computer game Fallout). It was in him, in the plot of the game, you were saved during a nuclear catastrophe. Now it's time to get out, but the bunker protects you so reliably that it will not be easy to do. To punch in armored walls and try to bend steel rods, of course, you can, but ineffectively, so turn your head!

The founders of the genre in St. Petersburg - the questsmaker Logical Quest, who opened the first escape in the city, which welcomes the use of brute force. & Nbsp; Break in the Questrum and the truth is especially nothing: the scenery consists of shabby walls, wooden bunks and a metal cage. But this is not surprising, because according to the scenario you will be captured by the KGB. There will not be complex technical puzzles and invasive mechanisms, and experienced quaestomans will be, perhaps, even more difficult than the beginners: the latter have not yet had time to get used toOh, that in quests in reality everything is solved by cunning and not by force. "Captivity" in this sense - the quest is the opposite, it needs to break, destroy and try to get out by any means.

This is not a quest, but an entertainment project: an anti-stress room in which you can relieve tension by wrecking everything around. Dreamed to break the computer with a sledgehammer? Or hammer all the plates from the sideboard? All this is possible in "Rasfigachechnoy" - only pay and feel the long-awaited permissiveness. Nobody will scold you for broken things, ask them to compensate for their costs or punish: organizers will carefully give out protective glasses before entering the room and a brush to shake the dust off their clothes, at the exit. A complete set of dishes for whipping, TV, computer, glass sideboard or even a vacuum cleaner - all this can be broken, crushed, thrown to the floor. And for an additional fee you will be allowed to break a whole room of things, decorated kato an apartment or office in a state institution (in the office of an official, it is sometimes really very desirable to spread everything around, but this, unfortunately, is criminally punishable).

Action game "Strelarium" - a hybrid of the quest in reality and games like paintball, but instead of machines you will be given bows, and instead of balls with paint - arrows with soft tips. The task is to kill all your enemies and not to fall from the crazy arrow itself. The game takes place in a spacious location with inflatable structures that can be used as a cover, and open areas for archery matches. & Nbsp; Here you can plenty of time and satisfy your long-standing desire in the literal sense of the word to shoot everyone around, without any consequences for someone else's life and reputation - the criminal code for a toy "murder" punishes.

Another quest with shooting - "Zombieland" company "Roskvest". Here you will be given a real airsoft weapon, through which the team will have to shoot back from the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. They, according to the script of this post-apocalyptic quest, will prevent players from getting on the upper deck of the military liner with which the survivors are evacuated. At two thousand square meters of the location, you can run around freely, hit the actors from the shotguns and throw out all your negative on the living dead. The main thing, do not rush into melee - after all, it's actors, not real zombies, albeit with very realistic makeup.