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Quests based on favorite TV series

Quests Based on Favorite TV Shows

If the season of your favorite TV series is not soon, but wait there is simply no urine, or the TV show was closed, despite the amicable weeping of the fans for all over the world, do not despair. Return to the atmosphere of the series can be through quest. And at the same time by own example, finally show how it was necessary act in difficult situations, instead of screaming at the screen. Admit it, you also do this?


"Dexter" - the famous series about the murderer, who works as a forensic expert in the Miami police. He kills only criminals, the fault of which could not be proved by the police. Atmosphere of the series recreated the authors of Quest in Sydney , Australia.

In the thematic room you will see traces of blood, chemical reagents and lotsyour puzzles that will lead you to the mysterious murderer. An ideal place for fans who missed the eerie atmosphere of Dexter.

By the way, quest for "Dexter" is also in Moscow. In the story of the team forensic experts are to find a maniac-imitator, who brought the main hero.

"C.S.I .: Crime scene »

Cult series "C.S.I .: Crime Scene" inspired creators of quests around the world. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, guests of the quest on the subject were chosen for a super-secret mission: a team of private Detectives need to uncover the murder of an American spy before the place the police will come.

"Vo all serious "

Quest "BreakingBad" on the famous TV series will open in Moscow this fall. The script is not yet availableEaten, but the creators clearly inspired the story of a savvy teacher of chemistry who cooked in the basement a drug, that he had only a short time to live.

"Stay alive "

More than five years have passed since the end series "Lost" but the number of his fans every year seems to be growing. Not surprising, that in Canadian London (not to be confused with the capital of England, in Canada, London is not far from Toronto) opened the quest on its motives, and, quite naturalistic.

So, you woke up after a terrible plane crash among the wreckage of the plane. Without food, water and, perhaps, worst of all, memory: you do not understand where you are, and how it turned out. Your task - to find road to civilization. Otherwise, you can not survive in the jungle.

"The game thrones "

Do you want toa journey through the Seven Kingdoms? AT Moscow has a quest, based on the series , in which the atmosphere and scenery are transferred with astonishing accuracy. Three scenarios, designed for teams of 2-5, 3-7 and 6-12 people will return you to Vasteras, even if only for an hour.