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Quests based on computer games

Quests based on computer games

Despite the fact that the very concept of escape the quest was born thanks to computer games, now to switch from virtual the real world and get into the real computer game, try. We have collected five of the most interesting and realistic quests for you. motives of computer games. Three of them, by the way, are in Russia, so it's far from going have to.


A world that survived a nuclear war. Who are you in it? Classics post-apocalyptic genre game Fallout from the virtual world has moved into the real. Quest based on the computer game opened in Ufa . On the surface there are mutants, The radiation is off scale, and you are locked in one of the last bunkers, in which frompathetic remnants of the human race are protected. And here the life support systems bunkers begin to fail one after another.

Zombie escape

Especially for those who played in Counter-Strike, or rather in its popular online version of the Zombie escape, in Australia built quest based on the game . In general, games about zombies in the genre "Escape from the room" rather many, but the best atmosphere of a computer game is this. The main thing, be careful - do not let the zombies grab you.


A popular shooter, in which the action takes place in the exclusion zone near Chernobyl NPP, received a very unexpected development in the quest room in St. Petersburg. According to the plot of the game, a stalker's shelter, in which you sheltered from radioactive ejection, turned out to be a trap. Have you only have an hour to get out of it before arrival of the military.

Area 51

A popular computer game, the action of which takes place at a mysterious military facility, recreated in Arizona , USA in form of quest. Given that the last reissue, she survived exactly 10 years back it is quite actual - the fans have already passed all the levels on their computer and want additives. They say that the aliens were found on the site, let's check? Your the group entered the "Zone 51", but how to unravel all its secrets and get out unscathed.

Silent Hill

One of the The most popular horror series in the history of the gaming industry formed the basis atmospheric eponymous the Moscow quest . It would seem that something terrible? Well locked you in the room for an hour, so after all, no zombies, no strangers here. ABOUTbut The oppressive atmosphere of the quest and gloomy scenery are a good test for psychological stability. And, at the same time, and ingenuity. After all, to get out of room before, you'll have to find the key.