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Quests about aliens

Extraterrestrial civilizations exist in reality? Or is it just an idle myth that is supported by science fiction writers and scriptwriters of Hollywood movies. While scientists are trying to answer this question, the creators of the quests in reality decided that the invented aliens were no worse than the real ones and placed them in their quvestums. Therefore, if you have been fond of ufoology and searching for life in space for a long time, and you are waiting for the ship with brothers on your mind to arrive at last, & nbsp; go to the quest to prepare for the meeting.
Quest Instinct of the Shokoterapia project.
Scalable performance from the company Shokoterapia is fully dedicated to extraterrestrial civilizations. According to the plot, the participants in the game are UFO specialists who arrived at the site of the fall of the UFO in order to be the first to enter the object of aliens. & Nbsp; You have to explore the territory, find guests from another galaxy and find a way to get to the surface. & Nbsp; The game involves two professional actors who will not let you relax, but because of the large size of the location (in the quest seven rooms with different riddles), you will have to strain not only your head, but your feet, and pretty much run around. The rattling mixture of the adventure quest and horror performance perfectly reproduces the atmosphere of Hollywood blockbusters about the invasion of aliens.
Quest Stranger of the Claustrophobia project
Quest based on the famous movie Ridley Scott "Alien" is made in the best traditions of "Claustrophobia": expensive and high-quality scenery, spectacular cinematic props - here it would be possible to shoot the continuation of the legendary & nbsp; blockbuster. Despite the fact that the oppressive atmosphere is maintained throughout the game, nothing terrible during the game does not happen, so there cmYou can even go to the most impressionable people. Aliens are present, but only in alcoholized form, but you can dig in the control system of the alien spaceship and wander through its corridors. Quest The secret materials: the project" Alien "project ArmaGames
The action of this quest takes place on Earth, moreover, in the human laboratory, but with aliens it is still connected, and directly. The fact is that in addition to developing advanced military technologies, they were engaged in cloning of aliens, while one of the Aliens was not free. Your task is to solve the secrets that the scientists hid, to find and destroy the Alien and get free yourself. The quest has a lot of weapons and modern gadgets, so the feeling that you are in the near future, does not leave throughout the game.
The quest " The Secret Territory of the Podzemka project
In a laboratory deep underground, scientists hide the only extraterrestrial found on Earth. Or maybe he is hiding out of his own free will, controlling everything that happens & nbsp; on a secret territory? You have to find a way to get in touch with him and find out the secret that can save all of humanity. But for this it is necessary to pass many tests, because the thinking of the newcomer greatly exceeds the human. The alien himself is made incredibly talented and more like a work of art than a quests props: you have to go to this location even to see it with your own eyes.