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Quests for people with disabilities: in which quvromums you can go with a wheelchair user

An accessible environment for people with disabilities - this topic has become "sick" for many Russian cities. Health problems are not an excuse to lock yourself in four walls and give up entertainment, but how to find a place that will be adapted for people with disabilities, such as wheelchair users. Problems can arise even from going to the movies, not to mention more active kinds of rest.

We decided to find out how things are with the available environment in the quorums, and where you do not have to crawl, climb stairs and squeeze into narrow doors, and the spaces are wide enough to drive a wheelchair. Healthy people, by the way, this list can also come in handy: suddenly you will turn your leg or break your arm, but you will not want to refuse to go on a quest with friends? & Nbsp;

The question of whether people in wheelchairs can pass the quest is clearly not relevant to the frequently asked questions. We managed to find just one organizer, whose website directly spelled out the possibility of participation in the game of people with disabilities - Morpheus . In many respects this is due to the specifics of the quest " Hippocrates Answer , which is more like a 5D-movie theater: all 90 minutes you sit in armchairs with your eyes closed, and around you a whole world of smells, sounds and tactile sensations unfolds. Thanks to this, the quest can take place not only wheelchair users, but also visually impaired people - it will not be useful in Morpheus anyway. True, for them it will not be so unusual and strange, as for people who are accustomed in everything to rely on sight.

More quests, the site says something about free access for people with disabilities, we did not find. Therefore, we decided to write the largest networkers to the e-mail addresses listed on the site, and ask whether it is possible to go through some game on crutches or in a wheelchair. & nbsp; And many of them answered us literally within an hour and a half, expressing a sincere desire to help and find some options.

Faster than all, the CityQuest team responded: the organizers said that almost any quest can be passed on crutches, but unfortunately, in the wheelchair, the rooms will not turn around. But we were offered a quest in virtual reality « Gravitation : the game is being seated, in the VR- glasses, so it is suitable even for people in a wheelchair. The game is controlled by real hands, so they must be functional, but with a broken leg - easily. Then you can and run around the virtual reality, & nbsp; and from the laser shoot, and even master telekinesis, like a real Jedi. Differences from computerthe games are quite substantial: the quest requires team interaction, so getting out of the house for the sake of such an adventure is definitely worth it.

The second was answered by Exit Quest . The guys immediately reported that, although they have several quests that people with disabilities can pass through, nothing will prevent their movement, the room is located on the ground floor and the staircase, unfortunately, is not equipped with a ramp. Nevertheless, the organizers expressed their readiness to help in this situation and advised three quests: " Jack Creighton's Cabinet "," Gloria number and Vip-Casual Casino . The main thing is that with the team there should be at least one person on their own two, because the quest has mechanisms to which a person in the wheelchair can not reach. But with neThere will be no problems between the rooms inside the location, they assured us. Feel free to go!

Immediately four quests for a disabled person on a stroller were offered to us in " Cubyrinth ": all their scripts, according to the organizers, can & nbsp; pass people with disabilities. This quest is " Coelho: Alchemist ," Hour Zombies ", for fans of horror stories, fairytale art quest " Alice " and " Freddie's Nightmare ." True, in the case of the latter, they carefully warned us in the letter, the wheelchair would require an escort.

" Memory Labyrinth " also replied that all quests are suitable for people with disabilities accompanied byof comrades, ready, if anything, to come to the rescue. In the building where the location is located, there is a freight elevator, and if necessary, the operators will meet the team and help rise. The only difficulty is the climb to the porch of five steps without a ramp, but this is quite an obstacle, again, with the help of other team members and operators. When booking, we were advised to indicate that the team has a person with disabilities, so that the administrators are ready to help lift the elevator.

Our editorial staff was pleasantly surprised at how carefully the operators approached our question and how thoroughly they thought out all possible problems of a person on crutches or in a wheelchair during the passage of the quest and on the way to the location. Quests in reality, at least, Moscow, were really accessible environment for people with disabilities, and their operators - responsive and without prejudice.