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Quests of the future: new formats and opportunities for players

Classic games in the genre of escape from the room are now at the height of popularity. And this means that in the market of quests in reality there is a period of off-scale competition. Experts are sure that to attract new customers, & nbsp; questmakers will have to go to various tricks. And if a year ago such was the appearance of an actor in the game or the use of technologies of augmented reality, now such client focuses are no longer surprising. But this does not mean that nothing new is waiting for us in the quorums. We have gathered for you the five most promising areas for the development of the quest industry.

Charitable Quests

Any successful business sphere sooner or later turns out to be closely connected with charity. And the quest industry is no exception. In the West, the organizers of escape games have long helped charitym funds themselves and arrange a campaign to help those in need.

The easiest way is to deduct profits. Usually this players are announced in advance: today and tomorrow, when booking the quest, 10-20-30% of the price goes to help such an organization or fund. In Russia, most of all philanthropists are among the organizers of small querrums in the regions: they collect money for animal shelters, help orphans and sick children.

The second direction of charity is free games for those who sometimes lack joy in life: for example, orphans from boarding houses, invalids, parents with many children.

And, finally, the third option is to build special charitable quests, all the profits from which goes to a particular fund, and the game is initially positioned as "entertainment to help." For funds, this is a stable and predictable income, which is much more important than one-time financial injections, because it allows you to plan your work for months forward.

In Russia so far only one such project is known - the charitable questsrum " Hawking ", in which 50% of the cost of each game is sent to the fund " Union "to support deafblind people. Interestingly, in addition to the charity, the quest also has an educational function - it allows players to feel what it is like to people living & nbsp; without sight and hearing.

Check-up in the quest

Health check-up is as tiring as necessary. In Russia, it is too late to run to a doctor before something gets sick, and sometimes the disease is started so that it is too late to treat it. So far, the technology has not gone so far as to scan participants for cancer tumors or blood clots during the game, but this does not mean that quests with health benefits will not appear on the market in the very near future.

Already now there are many games in whichyou need to strain your eyes and ears to find some clue. And what if, when preparing such tasks, to call doctors who will make them more correct from the point of view of medical diagnostics in order to tell the participants at the output - you need to write to the oculist to write glasses, and you - to loru, to solve problems with hearing? And the methods of checking the function of the cerebellum, which is responsible for the coordination of movements and balance, and at all similar to the children's game - it is enough to figure out how to integrate them into the scenario.

Quest for psychological correction

The game is a method of correction of fears and compulsive conditions, tested by psychologists. For adults, this possibility could be provided by quests in reality. Of course, it's impossible to work with such complex matters on the principle of "let's throw a kitten into the water", so do not lead your girl with the fear of spiders into the room with a huge tarantula. But this does not mean that a specialist can not build a literacy quest scriptfrom the point of view of psychology, plot moves. For example, already now on the Internet there are video clips about how people use the virtual reality point to save themselves from fear of heights.

Now the creators of quests are often exploited, than "treat" other people's fears. For example, no-phobia - fear of darkness - is intensified in many quests due to the fact that in the darkness the players actually discover all the horrors that they fantasized about at night, looking at the open door of the cabinet. One of them is the quest " Shelter of darkness ", in which one participant must move around in an absolutely dark room, and another - to lead his actions from the camera room with the help of night vision cameras.

Quests for saving historical places

Ancient buildings in the center of large cities are constantly under threat of demolition: the scope for repair in them is substantially limited by legislation on the protection of cultural heritage, and inTo go to an old house with wooden windows and a hundred-year-old running water will not be accepted by everyone. Another thing - quaestomans, to whom such an atmosphere and easy abandonment of the house only in joy.

Projects for saving ancient buildings by placing them in & nbsp; querrums already exist. For example, "Breaking the Century" is a Warsaw robbery quest that takes place in the building of the present bank of the early 20th century "Wilhelm Landau" with a safe in 1906. The organizers managed to preserve the unique atmosphere of the building and to restore the old mechanisms, adding modern riddles and devices, such as lasers and electronic locks.

But even if the demolition of the historic building is not threatened yet, the quest within its walls is a great way to earn money for future reconstruction and maintaining the original appearance of the building. For example, in the old homestead "Pollok House" in Scotland recently opened the quest " Running out of the past ", within which players will have to uncover the insidious plans of the butler-poisoner in just an hour.

Quests that will help you learn something new

Read the instructions and textbooks - an activity for suckers and schoolchildren, considers the vast majority of residents of developed countries, and learns the wisdom of dealing with a coffee machine and vacuum cleaner by self-poking. But when it comes to more complex mechanisms, and even computer programs, one instruction is often not enough. And going to the courses is still too much. Intermediate option - learning with entertainment in the quest in reality.

To better understand what is at stake, here are a couple of examples: Google Corporation in May this year, together with the questsmaker We Are Social launched its own escape-quest in the center of Paris . In the course of the scenario, players mastered variousGoogle applications and applications, including search engine, Google-translator, Google-photo, Google-maps.

Meanwhile, in New York, Ford, along with the Questmaker Escape NYC, arranged a quest test drive for its new 2017 Ford Escape. During the game, participants (and, as the company hopes, future car buyers), mastered the high-tech "stuffing" of the car: remote start, built-in parking sensors, a new generation audio system, a rear-view camera.