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Quests without riddles

Quest in reality is by definition a room with riddles. But since the first questrums appeared, the genre has undergone significant changes, and therefore many games in reality are completely different from the first quests and are popular with the public, even if they do not have any riddle at all. & Nbsp; Therefore, if you want to relax not only your soul but your head, and do not waste time deciphering ciphers and selecting codes for locks, we offer you active quests in reality without puzzles. & Nbsp;

Most quests without riddles are variations on the theme of horror films. The logic of their creators is clear: if in the quest room is really very scary, then the vast majority of players simply will not work with fright, so tormenting them with puzzles and logic tasks becomes practically meaningless.

Aboutthe pioneers of the industry in Russia of the companies "Claustrophobia" refused from the first quests assignments in some of their locations: in the performance, for example, " Collector "the development of the plot depends solely on your communication with the actor, so the creators even refuse to call it a quest in reality. On two hundred square meters of bloodied scenery you will not find any code locks, nor ciphers. Although this does not mean that you can turn off your brains and succumb to your fear. Still, it's a game in which there is a specific goal - to survive and get out of the lair of the maniac.

Another extremely realistic horror quest - " AIOC " from the quest-maker TheCrowdedRoom. Under the scenario, you will find yourself in a secret Soviet scientific research institute where during the Cold War experiments were conducted to create super soldiers and superhumans. The creators did not specifically room no riddles and rebuses, so that the participants did not feel like they were in a computer game. Solve the main task - to figure out what happened here more than half a century ago - because of this it will not be so easy, therefore the game is quite a high level of complexity.

Another quest without tasks, and also horror themes - " Darkness " of the Questreality project . Since the whole game is in total darkness, there can not be any riddles in principle. In a scenario, this is more like training for trust, when one participant, while observing in the night vision cameras, dictates to another where to go and what to do. This does not mean that you can relax and move around in search of an exit "by stenochke" - there are some quests in the quest, but on standard puzzles it does not look like in any way. Here you will get a unique experience of working "blindly" and learn to trust your team-mate.

ToWhat riddles and rebuses, when the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies come around? Grab the machine and run headlong to the upper deck, from where the evacuation of survivors. This is an action quest " Zombieland " "Roskvest", whose participants have to pass two thousand square meters of military ship labyrinths , shooting back from the living dead from airsoft shotguns. On compound puzzles in such conditions of time you simply would not have, so the organizers did not even come up with them.

And, finally, a whole category of quests without puzzles and puzzles are games with perception, in which participants are asked to test their senses and their hidden possibilities. For example, the game " Behind the Scent of the CrsQuest project, in which the players within 72 minutes will experience their perception and learn to trust intuition. This is an activeWest, so for its passage you will need comfortable clothes and shoes: you need to climb, jump and climb. A real high-quality action without any jerk puzzles.