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Questrams instead of museums

Museum-apartment is no longer in a trend: to study the history of life and achievements of writers, scientists and artists can now be done with quests. Agree - solve problems based on the works of celebrities are much more interesting than to consider their chairs, beds and typewriters! We have collected the most high-quality quests about historical personalities from around the world, in which you not only have fun, but also learn a lot.

Hemingway's Room
New Jersey, USA
New Jersey has a questrum dedicated to the life and work of the American writer Ernest Hemingway. You do not need to know the biography and the main works of Hemingway to pass the quest, but the more you know about him, the faster you will decideь tasks that the organizers have prepared for you. & nbsp;

Location with the writer is in no way connected, but the organizers tried to decorate it in the spirit of the era: here you will find old books, a typewriter and other indispensable attributes of the writer's life. Designers managed to keep the atmosphere of a real living room, so the classic Hemingway Room is not exactly like the Hemingway Room. Rather, it will seem that you are a writer at a party.

Rembrandt's Secret Studio Leiden, The Netherlands em>
This quest should be visited at least for the sake of location: a monument of medieval architecture "Powder House". This building is one of the oldest in Leiden. The tower was built around 1485 and was a part of the city wall of Leiden - fresh gunpowder (hence the name "Powder House") was loaded onto the ships that passed it. In this corner of the Middle Ages there are many secrets, like inscriptions towindows and at the entrance, which creators organically weaved into the script of the quest.

So, in the ruins of the medieval wall, the great Dutch artist Rembrandt hid a secret workshop. It was here that he completed his most famous masterpieces, such as "Night Watch" and "The Lesson of Anatomy of Dr. Tulp." It is rumored that when working on paintings in this workshop, Rembrandt turned to the help of mysterious forces. Historians of art from the University of Leiden found out what the secret of the artist really was. Try to repeat their path: you have an hour to unravel the mystery of the painter in this room, full of color, light and darkness!

Thomas Edison Hallandale, USA
American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison for America, and the rest of the world, the person is legendary: he invented a phonograph, created the first commercially successful electric filament lamp, improvedThe telegraph, telephone, and cinematography were growing. It's no wonder that the organizers of the high-tech "smart" quests from Florida dedicated to his questsrum.

You have to find the details of his latest invention and understand how it works in order to leave the room. And hurry up: in an hour the legendary inventor will return home and will hardly be glad to see you in his office.

Gaudi's Secret
Barcelona, ​​Spain
The Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi built houses for the first rich of Barcelona, ​​and he got himself under a tram and died in a hospital for the beggars, because no one wanted to help a strange old man in the pastures. Would know passers-by who abandoned him to die, that it was he who built the most beautiful cathedral of the Holy Family for Barcelona!

While Spanish Catholics advocate that Gaudi should be regarded as a saint and be appointed patron of architects, the organizersthe news in Barcelona created the room dedicated to him. Her guests have to guess the main secret of Gaudi, who gave all the time and energy to his work. After such an adventure, it will be doubly interesting for you to walk around the city and admire its creations.

The Secret of Fernando Pessoa Lisbon, Portugal em>
Fernando Pessoa is not only one of the greatest Portuguese writers and poets, but also a literary critic, philosopher and even a little alchemist. In the questrum in Lisbon, you will have a unique opportunity to look into his mind and understand what was happening in the head of this extraordinary person.

The game is very popular in Portugal and is included in the top most popular quarums in the world on TripAdvisor. The organizers were able to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of the beginning of the twentieth century, and the secret that you will discover, if you successfully complete the quest, will help you to take a fresh look at the creativity of the Dog

Van Gogh Code < em>
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The creation of the quest for the 125th anniversary of the death of the Netherlands post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh in his homeland, in the Netherlands, , it seems, the book by Dan Brown "The Da Vinci Code." This, by the way, is the first quest of Xcape Logix, than in the company are very proud: to work on the history of such a great master - honor to the authors of the script of the quest, and the opportunity to pay tribute to him.

According to the story you will find yourself in the role of art historian Professor V. Brandon. You and your team of experts were invited to the museum to analyze a new collection of paintings by Van Gogh. But instead of quiet exhibition halls, you are trapped, arranged by the mysterious curator of the exhibition. Who is this person and what goals does he pursue? The answer to this question can be found in the paintings of Van Gogh. If, of course, you are lucky"hack" its code.

Secrets of Tesla
The mysterious figure of the inventor Nikola Tesla does not give rest to script writers of quests around the world. He is especially popular in his homeland in Serbia - there are several quests there, dedicated to this engineer. Tesla is widely known for creating devices that work on alternating current. He is called "the man who invented the 20th century" and one of the most famous and popular scientists in history.

It's no wonder that his name has acquired many legends, for example, that in fact Tesla invented much more useful things for life than we know, which are carefully hidden by interested persons. It is to these stories and relies most of the quests in reality, dedicated to the inventor. For example, in Malaysia there is a quest " Testament Tesla ," according to the plot of which, you must restore by the scientist's recordsThe type of source of clean and free energy that will prevent a global environmental catastrophe. Once Tesla had to stop his studies because of attacks by influential gas and oil tycoons who declared him insane because of his reluctance to lose his profits on energy resources. It's time to continue the work of the great scientist and give humanity a light!

The same story was taken as the basis for the creators of the quest " Secret of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. You will enter a mysterious laboratory, where you retired from the world of Tesla after he was declared insane, and you will find in it schemes of the source of energy and records of other technological discoveries made by the scientist for the benefit of mankind.