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Quest instead of travel: where to go on May holidays

Abroad holidays for May holidays turned into luxury this year: Russians significantly cut their vacation budget, and bans on flights to Egypt and the sale of permits to Turkey almost completely deprived the market of budget tours. As a result, Greece became the most popular destination - relatively economical and relatively safe: demand for holidays in this country for May holidays grew by almost 34 percent.

However, a trip to Gracia in many of our compatriots can fail at the last minute. A few days before the holidays, the Greek embassy stopped dealing with the processing of a huge array of visa applications and limited the filing of documents. As a result, on April 22, huge queues lined the visa centers of Greece, which had to stand for several hours. And those who are concerned with the documentsOnly now, and there is no chance to catch up to the holidays.

If you do not get a Greek visa, do not worry: you can now make a trip to Hellas without leaving Russia. Greek statues and silhouettes with antique amphorae await you in the quest & nbsp; " The Mysterious Temple from Galaktvest. In the game space, the creators reproduced the ancient Greek street and the temple, in which you will face face to face with the ancient Greek gods and heroes. The script was based on the myths about Hercules and the queen of the Amazons Ippolite, so the game is also a great opportunity to learn a lot about the history of Greece.

And if you always dreamed of going to Mexico, but because of the rate of the growing dollar can not accumulate for a trip, go to the quest " The fallen sky "from the company" Serious games ". This game will take you to one of the ancient Mexican temples of Atzekov, full of the sundock and traps for the uninitiated. The creators thought out the atmosphere to the smallest detail: even the aroma of cocoa beans reminds you that you are on another continent. Quest, by the way, officially approved by the Embassy of Mexico in Russia.

And those who miss Egypt while waiting for Russia to resume air communication with the country of the pyramids, we can advise the quest " Curse of Ramses ". The tomb of Pharaoh Ramses in the middle of the desert is almost like real, and you will not be in it as tourists led by an all-knowing guide, but as explorers-archeologists who can make their way to the secret places of this gloomy place. Inside you will find hundreds of hieroglyphs, a stone sphinx and, of course, ancient Egyptian riddles.

Travel to Japan has always been an expensive pleasure, but now you can feel the history of one of the oldest world civilizations without leaving Moscow. Creators of the quest " Samurai Way »- Questmaker« Labyrinth of Memory »- brought from the Land of the Rising Sun not only puzzles, but also many original things, such as bonsai tree, elegant Japanese figurines and lamps. Lovers of Japan in the rooms are also waiting for the blossoming cherry blossom and the garden of stones, leaving for the bamboo grove. And, of course, the Test of the sword, which gives the right to be called a real samurai.

Quests of the Caribbean islands, of course, will not replace the sunny beaches, but it's still worth it to descend on them. At least for the sake of visiting the hut of a real pirate - this adventure is not even offered to tourists on the Caribbean! « Pirate hut " Claustrophobia "means clay walls, reed ceiling, authentic furniture and fine props. And, of course, a desperate attempt to escape from the clutches of the one-eyed master of this "hut" in paradise.

If usually on the May holidays you went to Europe to watch the ancient castles and palaces of kingsof the past, choose the quest " Prisoners of Prison " - one of the most realistic quests on the theme of the Middle Ages. Decorators of "Claustrophobia" tried their best: stone walls, cool rooms, furniture and torture instruments of the Inquisition - everything is completely natural.