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Quest instead of a psychologist: how the game helps to deal with your subconscious

While in Russia quests in reality remain amusing entertainment only for individual amateurs, in the West a large percentage of quests are visited by company employees who thus raise the team spirit and hope to teach the team to work together in an emergency situation. But this is not the only psychological effect of quests. Fears, desires, subconsciousness - in the questrum you can work out your problems no worse than in the chair of the therapist. The main thing is to decide what you want to achieve and know where to go.

Fighting fears

Since childhood, you are afraid of the dark? Do you think about what will happen to you if you are buried alive in a coffin? Surviving their fears in a game world, but at the same time as close to reality as possible, is the best way to get rid of them forever. Those who are afraid of nocturnal moyou should go to the quest " Darkness " from iLocked, which perfectly embodies all the most eerie things you could imagine dreaming up in a dark room. And to combat claustrophobia, the quest " Buried alive " from Lostroom is perfect. Participants one by one with handcuffed hands locked in a black lacquered sarcophagus & hellip; and, no, they do not bury, but force them to solve riddles in such conditions and force their brains to work, in spite of fear. After such an opportunity to actually be in a coffin at a depth of one and a half meters will not seem so frightening.


But who said that quests - this is the place to work only with fears? And what about the manifestation of hidden desires? If your partner was too enslaved, talk about sex is not glueor there is a crisis of intimacy in the family - go to the quests with an erotic script, for example " Erotic adventure " Questomania. Do not think, everything is decent, moreover, to engage in "something like this" in the room is strictly prohibited. But you can laugh at a lot of figurines in indecent poses, non-standard ways of using a vibrator, and after the final clip there will be no awkwardness between you.

Learn to trust

Many quests can not be passed without a partner, but usually performing tasks, you act on an equal footing. And what is it to trust another person completely or, on the contrary, to take responsibility for his fate for at least one hour? To learn this you will help the game " Shelter of darkness ". This test is a fundamentally new format for Russia - leadingthey themselves become participants of the quest. In the course of the game, you will have to change, so each participant will have a chance to be in front of the console. The tasks are simple, but the most difficulties for the players is the orientation in an absolutely dark room, and the coordination of movement without any visible objects.

Test yourself for strength

In an extreme situation, the main thing is to keep a cold head. Will it succeed you, and can you, if anything, rely on your friends? Answers to these questions will give you quests in the genre of horror and performances.

Here you have two options. If you want to test your mental reaction in an extreme situation, choose quests with actors in which you have to solve problems and strain your brains through fear. Classics of the genre: " Twilight Syndrome from Wember. This is an intelligent, moderately terrible team quest with elements of neof the reform. Do you want something more dynamic? Then go to " Fenix ​​" from Quest-studio. There it is necessary and to run, and to sweat, and it is little bit less, than in "Syndrome" - to think.

If it is more important for you to learn how to manage emotions - go to a performance in which there are practically no assignments, and the plot develops depending on your reaction. In this category, the recognized leader is " Collector from" Claustrophobia. " In fact, this is not a quest at all, but an interactive game or even a performance with your participation, most similar to the real life. But be prepared for a "tough" scenario.

Learning to solve moral dilemmas

Most quests that affect the psyche are horror movies with blood, maniacs and torture tools. But not in this case. « I'm Robot "Claustrophobia" is unlikely to seriously scare someone - the organizers are allowed to come to him with children from the age of 8. However, in the finale will force to make an uneasy ethical choice: who to believe, a person or a robot.